Manual for hydraulic system maintenance for forklifts

Maintenance of hydraulic systems for forklifts

The maintenance of the forklift hydraulic system is different from other mechanical systems, the maintenance of the hydraulic system is relatively simple. But this maintenance has a big impact on the operation, efficiency and life of the hydraulic system. The maintenance of the forklift hydraulic system can be performed according to the following steps.

First, clean the surface of the entire hydraulic system structure. Then focus on checking the connections and bonding surfaces of electronic components for leaks. If the pipe connection is loose, it needs to be re-tightened, but not too tight, because too tight will cause deformation and increase leakage.

It is necessary to regularly check the oil level in the forklift’s fuel tank, the liquid level should be between the upper and lower limit positions of the oil dipstick, if it is lacking, it should be filled with oil in time. For the selection of hydraulic oil, it is necessary to pay attention to the following two principles: One is to choose hydraulic oil, not to use mechanical oil instead of hydraulic oil. Second is to avoid mixing the two hydraulic oils together.

Maintenance personnel or forklift drivers are required to regularly check hydraulic oil for contamination. When testing, insert a glass tube into the bottom of the fuel tank to collect the sample and drop onto the filter paper. If you see a yellow ring in the forklift’s hydraulic oil, it means that the hydraulic oil has been slightly contaminated, but has been stored for a long time. For now, it is not necessary to consider an oil change, if it is dark black dots.

The forklift’s fuel tank must be cleaned before the hydraulic oil is changed. The purpose of cleaning is to remove product, rust, and foreign matter that accumulates in the fuel tank when the working oil degrades. When changing the oil, open the screw at the bottom of the oil tank to drain the oil. Remove the fuel tank cleaning cap and clean the bottom of the fuel tank, however, it should be noted that when cleaning, do not use a cotton towel to scrub, you can choose to use a sponge. Remove the oil filter from the oil tank and soak in kerosene, if possible, for about 12 hours.

The remaining oil in the forklift’s hydraulic system will contain a lot of dirt. If necessary, you can flush the oil, when draining, you can pump the cleaning oil into the tank, but pay attention to the sufficient amount, and a little higher. The lowest oil level for the hydraulic system to operate safely. The cleaning oil is then circulated throughout the hydraulic system for 15-20 minutes. Let the residual oil in the system internals be drained back to the oil tank, and then the cleaning oil is completely drained from the oil tank.

To ensure the cleanliness of the oil, we must clean the oil filter when changing the oil, and the filter when refueling. After refueling to the top of the fuel tank, start the hydraulic pump, supply oil to the system, and then add oil to the fuel tank. Repeat this process until the oil in the fuel tank is still within the oil level range.

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