Sell imported used electric forklift (gas, diesel) with good price

Selling used forklifts, electric forklifts, diesel forklifts, imported European gas forklifts with good prices

Samcovina company specializes in importing and supplying complete, used forklift trucks, all vehicles are carefully selected before import, quality >80%. Vehicles are stored at the parking lot in District 9 (Near Cat Lai Port) in Ho Chi Minh City.

The lines of vehicles we regularly import and provide to customers include: reach stacker, reach truck (forklift used for loading and unloading goods on warehouse shelves with a lifting range of up to 9m, 11m), electric pallet truck truck (a forklift used to pull pallets with a low lifting range of less than 1 m), diesel forklifts, container trucks, and container forklifts. All cars are imported from Europe, Japan, all vehicles and spare parts according to the brand, meeting the technical requirements.

We sell and rent at a good price, if you have any needs, please contact us directly for advice and view the car at the yard. Some reference cars below:


Sell ​​used electric forklift Linde R16HD
Code: G1X115T53138
Brand: Linde
Origin: Germany
Electric power
Voltage: 48 volts
Maximum load: 1600 kg
Maximum lift: depending on vehicle from 10200 mm
Year of manufacture 2006
Condition: used, new >80%.


Sell Electric Forklift Linde R16S
Code: C1X115T52303
Brand: Linde
Origin: Germany
Electric power
Voltage: 48 volts
Maximum load: 1600 kg
Maximum lift: depending on vehicle from 9800 mm
Year of manufacture 2006
Condition: Used, New.


Selling and renting nationwide Linde 115 electric forklift trucks – R14 / R16 / R16N / R16HD / R20S / R20N & R20W … used.
Provide all Linde electric forklift spare parts, maintenance, warranty, overhaul, upgrade services.
Goods are on display at Samco vina beach, Cau Ba Cua, East Ring, Phu Huu, District 9, HCMC.

* High productivity
* Low and efficient operating costs
* Unique design features
* Meet the requirements of use in tight spaces.
* Comfortable, handy control

Sell used electric forklift Linde Pallet truck T-20

Linde T-20-SP . electric pallet truck

Origin: Germany

Manufacturer: Linde

Materials used: Electricity

Power: 24VDC

Max lifting weight: 2000Kg

Lifting range: 200/80mm

Year of manufacture: 2007

Condition: Used


Sell pallet truck Linde T24 SP:

Linde Electric Forklift T24SP

Producer: LINDE

Origin: Germany

Model: R24SP

Power Type: Electric

Voltage (V): 48 – 700 AHC Battery

Maximum load: 2400 (kg)

Maximum lift: 125 mm

Condition: Used


Toyota Electric Forklift 7FBCU20
Code: 70405
Voltage: 36 V
Toyota brand
Electric power
Vehicle Weight: 7670 lb (3480kg)
Lifting capacity: 4400 lp (1995 kg)


Sell Used Toyota Electric Forklift 7FBCU25
Code: 71292
Voltage: 36 V
Toyota brand
Electric power
Vehicle Weight: 8620 lb (3910 kg)
Lifting capacity: 3800 lp (1723 kg)


Selling used electric forklift Toyota 7FBCU20
Code: 71285
Voltage: 36 V
Toyota brand
Electric power
Vehicle Weight: 6510 lb (2950 kg)
Lifting capacity: 3800 lp (1723 kg)


Toyota 7FBCU25 electric forklift for sale
Code: 71283
Voltage: 36 V
Toyota brand
Electric power
Vehicle Weight: 6510 lb (3030kg)
Lifting capacity: 3800 lp (1723 kg)


Reachtruck  BT 1.6 ton electric forklift with 9m lifting range

Brand: BT

Model vehicle: RRB2

Produce: 2009

Load lifting: 1.6 tons

Lifting height: 9.0m

Fork: 1.2m, side shift, Freelift, Double deep.

Battery: 48V – 765 Ah

100% brand new 24V power charger

Tire: 100% new poly

Reachtruck RT20

Currently, we regularly supply to customers in the Southeast region and other provinces across the country

Selling used electric forklifts in Dong Nai – Bien Hoa

Selling used electric forklifts in Ba Ria Vung Tau

Selling used electric forklifts in Binh Duong

Sell ​​used electric forklifts in Binh Phuoc

Selling used electric forklifts in Ho Chi Minh City

Sell ​​used electric forklifts in Long An

Sell ​​used electric forklifts in Tien Giang

Sell ​​used electric forklifts in Can Tho

Selling used forklifts in Tay Ninh

Sell ​​used forklifts in Lang Son

Selling used forklifts in Lao Cai

Selling used forklifts in Quang Ninh

Selling used forklifts in Lai Chau

Selling used forklifts in Hai Phong

Selling used forklifts in Hanoi

Selling used forklifts in Da Nang

Selling used forklifts in Ha Tinh

Selling used forklifts in Khanh Hoa

Old forklift


11/26 Binh Duong avenue, Vinh Phu Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province

Mr Hải ( Director)
Zalo, Whatsapp: +84907101899

Mr Huy ( Deputy Director)
Zalo, Whatsapp: +84909288633

Mr Học (Salesman)
Zalo, Whatsapp: +84902635491

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95 responses to “Sell imported used electric forklift (gas, diesel) with good price”

  1. Tôi ở Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa muốn mua chiếc xe nâng điện tải trọng 2 tấn, Cty mình còn xe này không? Vui lòng gửi thông tin cho tôi xem trước

  2. Chào cty,
    Chúng tôi có chiếc xe nâng điện hiệu Linde tải trọng 2 tấn, nó mới bị hư không thể điểu khiển, nhân viên kỹ thuật tháo board ra kiểm tra thì thấy cháy.

    Xin cho hỏi bên cty mình có nhập các linh kiện như board điều khiển không vậy?


    • Chào anh Phước,
      Anh vui lòng cung cấp thêm thông tin về xe nâng điện Linde của anh như model, Board ở bộ phận nào… đồng thời chụp hình gửi trước cho chúng tôi nhé. Nếu hàng có sẵn hoặc đặt hàng chúng tôi sẽ báo cho anh nhé

      Thân mến!

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