Electric  Forklift trucks  are used for loading and unloading goods in narrow areas such as wharves, yards, warehouses, workshops. Lifts can load cargo from a few dozen to hundreds of tons with a height up to tens of meters … Forklifts can be called by different names, especially in English, for example. Reach truck, pallet truck, forklift truck, truck lift , fork truck, forklift … But basically the forklift is an industrial truck supporting the lifting and transportation of goods in the business, The most common types of goods are stacked on pallets. Today, forklifts have become an indispensable part of the industrial and manufacturing industries as well as warehousing, river ports and seaports.

Forklifts generally come in a wide variety of applications, from simple type to manual, electric type, internal combustion engine type with multiple models and the ability to work in different terrains. , can list the basic types such as:

Hand pallet truck

     Hand-lift trucks are manual vehicles for moving, loading and unloading of goods, their main structures include, racks, hydraulic or hydraulic lifting systems, moving wheels. Lifting capacity and lifting height for this type of forklift truck fall into a lightweight and simple, from 500 kg to 1000 kg for medium to high lift or 2500 kg for moving only, not lift go to high place.

Electric forklifts

     Electric forklift trucks are battery-powered or plug-in electric vehicles, the main source of power is electric motors that control the movement and lifting. It is usually designed with two motors, moving motors for travel, and lifting motors for lifting. If you only use one motor for lifting or just for transportation, it is called a semi-automatic forklift, because there is only half the capacity of the battery. If both motors are used for both moving and lifting, they are called forklifts or forklifts. Lifting height and lifting height for electric forklift is slightly higher than forklift, up to 2500 kg with 6m height. These vehicles are often used with shelf systems.

With our latest-generation electric forklift trucks, you get the best of both worlds – all the performance of a powerful diesel truck but without the emissions, noise and vibration. The Kalmar ECG50–90 is a sound investment that can pay itself back in just two years, thanks to its high operational efficiency, low maintenance costs and long service life. Smart and speedy, it features a time-saving diagnostic system, easy maintenance and our fully adjustable EGO cabin with industry-leading ergonomics.


The internal combustion engine is an internal combustion engine for the purpose of moving and lifting. Usually, when using this type of vehicle, people have to use lifting and moving goods in high volume, high frequency that other vehicles can not meet. The vehicle’s composition consists primarily of gasoline, diesel or gasoline engines, chassis and tires, as well as automobile components, as well as hydraulic systems for lifting goods. The load of the forklift truck can be from 1 ton up to tens of tons. Generally, forklifts with a capacity of 5 tons or less are used commercially in factories, vehicles of 10 tons or more used in seaports for heavy lifting and loading of large containers.

Samcovina not only provide lifting equipment for you, we bring you “lifting solution”. Let’s start thinking about your loading capacity or warehouse area, your time and your workforce, everything will change when you have the “lift solution” from us. . Besides, we also consult the design of complete loading and unloading system for supermarkets, factories, warehouses … From bridge, bridge, car system for each segment.

We are the supplier of vehicles of many famous forklift manufacturers such as: Kalmar, TCM, Toyota, Nissan, Konecranes, Linde …

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