Forklift dismantling and moving service

Forklift dismantling and moving service

Service of dismantling and transporting all models of forklift trucks of Samco Vina JSC

Service of dismantling and transporting all models of forklifts is provided by many companies in the market. However, if you are interested in the service provided by Samcovina Joint Stock Company, here are some background information about this company’s services:

Samcovina Joint Stock Company is one of the leading suppliers of forklifts, industrial machinery and transportation solutions in Vietnam. The company has a team of experienced technicians and is fully equipped to carry out lifting and transporting operations.

Samcovina’s forklift dismantling and transportation service includes activities such as disassembling forklift parts, storing and transporting forklifts to new locations, and re-assembly of vehicle parts. elevate.

The company provides services for different types of forklifts, including diesel forklifts, electric forklifts, gas forklifts and especially large container forklifts.


1. Fantuzzi 45 ton forklift dismantling project

Fantuzzi 45 ton forklift is a large forklift with a weight of up to 45 tons. Therefore, when customers want to move the forklift to another location, they need to disassemble it to be able to transport it easily. Disassembling, shipping and re-assembly, usually by experienced engineering teams.

During January 2023, Samco Vina received the project of dismantling and transporting the 45-ton Fantuzzi forklift from Ho Chi Minh City to Tay Ninh. Our technical team received Fantuzzi forklifts in Thu Duc City (former District 9). Because the car is in the process of working, so it has to wait until the evening for the technical team to approach and disassemble. Wishing to speed up the dismantling process, we worked until 11pm.

The very next morning, all forklift parts were transported by trailer to Trang Bang, Tay Ninh. Upon arrival in Tay Ninh, the technical team continued to assemble the forklift parts, check the operation and hand over to the customer within the same day. The 50T self-propelled crane of the SAMCO team is an advantage to help work autonomy and work more smoothly.


2. Forklift assembly & transport process

Forklifts have a lot of parts with different sizes. Therefore, when disassembling, it is necessary to follow the correct procedure to ensure that the vehicle is not damaged. For the 45 ton Fantuzzi forklift, Samco Vina’s technical team followed the following process:

2.1. The process of disassembling the forklift

For the process of disassembling the 45 ton Fantuzzi forklift, we followed the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Record all customer requirements for forklifts.
Step 2: Check vehicle information, vehicle type, vehicle model …
Step 4: Make a plan, a plan to dismantle specific parts.
Step 5: Carry out dismantling each part of the forklift in the following order: Remove the electrical link that controls the hydraulic hose, remove the support frame & snap frame, remove the lifting lever, remove the counterweight, remove the wheel.
Step 6: Carry out transportation by trailer to the desired location.
2.2. Forklift installation process

After transporting the forklift from Ho Chi Minh City to Tay Ninh, our technical team installed the parts. In contrast to the dismantling process, with this process the engineering team installed the parts in reverse order.

The installation process will start from the wheel, counterweight, fork lift, bracket & support frame, and finally the electrical link that controls the hydraulic hose.
Once the installation is complete, we continue to check the forklift’s operation.
Hand over the forklift to the customer & sign the handover record.
3. Samco Vina provides prestigious and quality forklift assembly service

During many years of development in the market, Samco Vina has been carrying out many projects on dismantling large and small forklifts. With the advantage of having many branches, stretching from the North to the South, we are always ready to quickly respond to the needs of customers across the country.

To bring the best experience to customers and build credibility. Our company is always committed to providing customers with the best and most quality services, such as:

3.1. With a team of experienced staff

Samco Vina always focuses on investing in staff, especially technical staff. Our staff is not only dedicated, enthusiastic, ready to support customers 24/24. All staff are well-trained, skilled and experienced to ensure good handling of situations.

3.2. Professional workflow

Besides focusing on investing in staff, Samco Vina also develops a unified and professional working process. The entire process is carried out according to standards and ensures safety.

3.3. Diversity of services

In order to well meet the needs of customers, Samco Vina has provided a variety of products & services such as:

Supply forklifts of all kinds, genuine forklift spare parts
Forklift dismantling service
Maintenance & repair services for forklifts, shore cranes

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