hoi-dap-xe--nang FAQs about Forklift Battery and Electrical System

FAQs about Forklift Battery and Electrical System 1. What is the average lifespan of a forklift battery? The average lifespan of a forklift battery is typically between 4-6 years for lead-acid batteries, depending on usage, working conditions, and maintenance. Gel batteries have a shorter lifespan, around 3-5 years. 2. How should I maintain my forklift battery? To maintain your forklift battery, you should regularly check and top up the water level, clean the charging terminals and battery poles, ensure full charging without overcharging, regularly check electrolyte density and cell voltage. 3. How can I maximize the lifespan of my forklift battery? To maximize the lifespan of your forklift battery, you should use the correct capacity battery, follow proper installation procedures, maintain full charging, avoid deep discharging, perform regular maintenance, adjust electrolyte density as needed, and keep it clean. 4. What factors affect the lifespan of a forklift battery? The main factors that affect the lifespan of a forklift battery include initial battery quality, using the correct capacity battery, charging and discharging methods, operating temperature conditions, maintenance and storage practices, and working conditions (vibration, humidity, dust). 5. When should I replace my forklift battery? Typically, you should replace your forklift battery after 4-6 years of use depending on the quality of the battery, usage level, and maintenance conditions. If the battery experiences severe performance degradation before that time frame, it should be replaced earlier. Monitoring electrolyte density can help evaluate remaining battery life. 6. When and how should I charge my forklift battery? You should charge your forklift battery after each work shift. The best method is to use an automatic three-stage controlled charger (bulk-float-equal) with periodic water replenishment for lead-acid batteries. The charger should provide the appropriate current and voltage according to the battery’s requirements. 7. What causes and how to fix a swollen forklift battery? Causes: Excessive heat generated during charging, resulting in hydrogen and oxygen gas buildup. Heat causes expansion of the welding circuit, leading to battery case rupture. Solutions: Check and clean the charger, ventilation system. Replace the damaged battery case. Follow proper charging procedures. Purchase batteries with good quality. 8. How to prevent battery gassing in forklifts? To prevent battery gassing, avoid discharging below 80% of rated capacity, avoid hot charging at high temperatures, maintain proper electrolyte density, perform regular equalizing charges, and use an automatic three-stage controlled charger. 9. Which type of battery is suitable for different types of forklifts? The choice of battery depends on the motor power requirement, lifting capacity, continuous usage time, and working environment conditions. Lead-acid batteries are suitable for high-power forklifts with long working hours. Gel batteries are suitable for small-capacity forklifts used internally. 10. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of gel batteries compared to lead-acid batteries. Advantages of gel batteries: No acid spillage, low maintenance, no fumes emission, safer and environmentally friendly. Disadvantages: Shorter lifespan, higher cost, cannot replenish water levels, prone to overheating. Advantages of lead-acid batteries: Lower cost, longer lifespan; however, they require more maintenance and have a risk of acid leakage. 11. How often should I replace distilled water in lead-acid batteries? Distilled water in lead-acid batteries should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on evaporation levels. The replacement frequency may be shorter if the forklift operates in hot and dusty environments. Regularly check water levels to determine when it needs replacement. 12. What are the standards for distilled water used in forklift batteries? Distilled water used in forklift batteries must meet high purity standards (≥99.5%), be free from large impurities, and have a resistivity of ≥5 MΩ.cm. Water that does not meet these standards can corrode battery components, create deposits, and reduce performance. 13. What causes and how to fix a short-circuited forklift battery? Causes: Damaged or corroded wires causing ground contact and short circuits. Dirt and high humidity inside the battery can also cause shorts. Solutions: Check and repair damaged wires. Clean the battery to remove dirt. Maintain proper humidity levels. Replace the battery if it is too old. 14. How should I maintain electrical components on a forklift? Electrical components should be regularly maintained, including checking and cleaning the charger, control circuitry, motor, conductors, and tightening all electrical connections. Ensure effective cooling ventilation systems. Check and replace any faulty components to ensure electrical safety. 15. What are the signs of electrical system issues in a forklift? Signs of electrical system issues in a forklift include slow movement or failure to reach desired speed, underperforming motor power, abnormal battery heat or swelling, smoke smell from electrical devices, unusual noise from motor or drivetrain, malfunctioning warning lights or display screens. 16. What does regular maintenance of the forklift’s electrical system involve? Regular maintenance of the forklift’s electrical system includes checking and cleaning the battery, replenishing distilled water, measuring electrolyte density; checking and cleaning the charger; inspecting control circuits; motors; conductors; tightening all electrical connections; ensuring effective cooling ventilation systems; checking and replacing faulty components to ensure electrical safety.

xe-nang-container-ban Comparison between Buying and Renting Container Forklifts

Comparison between Buying and Renting Container Forklifts 1. Benefits of Buying a Container Forklift compared to Renting – Lower initial cost: When buying a container forklift, the initial cost will be lower compared to renting. Users only need to make a one-time payment and own the container forklift. – No time limitation on usage: When buying a forklift, users are not limited by time. They can use the container forklift for as long as necessary without worrying about returning it after a certain period. – Decision-making power for upgrades and repairs: When buying a forklift, users have the freedom to decide on upgrades or repairs according to their needs and preferences. – Depreciation of assets for tax reduction: Buying a container forklift allows users to depreciate the asset for tax reduction, helping save costs in business operations. 2. Benefits of Renting a Container Forklift compared to Buying – No large upfront investment: When renting a container forklift, users do not need to make a large upfront investment like when buying. Instead, they only need to pay monthly or yearly rental fees. – Reduced risk when business models change: Renting a container forklift helps reduce risks when business models change. If there is a need to change scale or type of business, users can easily switch to using the appropriate type of forklift without financial difficulties. – Reduced regular maintenance costs: When renting, users do not have to worry about regular maintenance and servicing of the forklift. These costs will be covered by the rental company. – Always using the latest forklift technology: When renting, users always have access to the latest and most advanced container forklifts in the market. This helps increase work efficiency and reduces the risk of breakdowns. 3. Comparison of cost factors between both options – Initial purchase/rental cost: When buying, users have to pay a large upfront amount to own the container forklift, while renting only requires a small rental fee or deposit. – Fuel costs: Both options have fuel costs for operating the container forklift. However, these costs may vary depending on the type of forklift and level of usage. – Regular maintenance costs: When owning a forklift, users have to bear the regular maintenance and servicing costs. On the other hand, when renting, these costs are covered by the rental company. – Insurance costs: When owning a forklift, users need to purchase insurance for the vehicle and driver. When renting, the rental company already has insurance coverage for their fleet. – Replacement parts costs: When owning a forklift, users have to provide and pay for replacement parts when necessary. When renting, the rental company takes responsibility for this. 4. Analysis of factors when making a decision to buy or rent a container forklift – Usage needs: Users need to consider their long-term or short-term usage needs of the container forklift to decide whether to buy or rent. – Available budget: Users need to consider their current budget to decide whether they have enough funds to buy or only rent a forklift. – Long/short-term business strategy: Users need to consider their long-term or short-term business strategy to decide whether buying or renting is more suitable for their container forklift needs. Trusted Sales and Rental Address of Container Forklifts in Binh Duong Are you in need of renting or buying a container forklift in Binh Duong but unsure of any reputable and quality addresses? Let Samcovina Joint Stock Company help you! Samcovina currently has a diverse range of container forklifts in various types and models. Customers can choose from electric-powered, diesel-powered, or pneumatic-powered forklifts that suit their job requirements. Our experienced team of technicians is always ready to advise and support customers in the selection process. In addition, Samcovina provides competitive rental services for container forklifts. Customers can rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, offering flexibility and cost savings. We guarantee the quality and safety of the container forklifts for each customer. Moreover, Samcovina offers maintenance and repair services for container forklifts. Our professional team of technicians is ready to assist with any related issues. We use genuine replacement parts and adhere to strict inspection procedures to ensure the quality of our work. With the goal of customer satisfaction, Samcovina not only provides sales and rental services for container forklifts but also supports customers in choosing the most suitable type of forklift. Contact Samcovina today for consultation and detailed pricing. SAMCOVINA JOINT STOCK COMPANY Tax Code: 0313121108 Address: No. 3 Street 1, Song Than Industrial Zone, Di An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam Email: info@samcovina.com

hu-thuy-luc-xe-nang Common Hydraulic System Failures in Forklifts and How to Handle Them

Here are some common failures in the hydraulic system of forklifts and the corresponding repair solutions: 1. Oil leakage: Oil leakage is a common issue in hydraulic systems. The causes can be a broken hose, poor sealing, or damaged components. To repair, identify the cause of the leakage and replace the damaged parts or repair the hose. 2. Loss of pressure: If the forklift does not have enough pressure to lift or hold loads, it may be due to a malfunctioning control valve or other issues in the system. Check and repair the control valve, inspect other components such as pumps, relief valves, and hoses to find the cause of pressure loss. 3. Inoperability: Forklifts may not operate due to various reasons, including a non-starting motor, malfunctioning control valve, or damaged components. Inspect and repair any faulty components, check power supply, and ensure all electrical connections are correct. 4. Unusual noise: If you hear strange noises from the hydraulic system, there may be issues with the pump, valve, or hoses. Inspect and repair any damaged or worn-out components and ensure all hoses are securely connected. 5. System instability: If the forklift cannot maintain its position or oscillates while lifting loads, it may be due to a malfunctioning relief valve or improperly adjusted pressure. Check and repair the relief valve, inspect pressure levels, and adjust if necessary. 6. Loss of lifting function: If the forklift cannot lift or lower loads properly, it may be due to a malfunctioning control valve or pump. Check and repair the control valve, inspect the pump and other components to determine the cause of loss of lifting function. 7. Slow response or unresponsiveness: If the forklift moves slowly or does not respond when controlled, it may be due to a stuck control valve or pump issues. Check and clean the control valve, inspect the pump and other components to resolve this issue. 8. Excessive pressure: If the pressure in the hydraulic system is too high, it can cause oil leakage or damage other components. Check and adjust the pressure in the system according to manufacturer’s instructions. 9. System vibration: If the forklift vibrates while moving or lifting loads, it may be due to worn-out or loose components. Inspect and repair any damaged components, ensuring all connections are tightened. 10. Instability during lifting: If the forklift cannot maintain its position or is unstable while lifting loads, it may be due to a malfunctioning relief valve or control valve. Check and repair the relief valve, inspect the control valve, and adjust if necessary. 11. Instability during movement: If the forklift is unstable or skids during movement, it may be due to steering system or wheel issues. Inspect and repair the steering system, check and adjust wheels to ensure safe and stable forklift movement. 12. Loss of control: If you cannot control or maneuver the forklift accurately, it may be due to a malfunctioning control system or steering component. Inspect and repair any faulty components, check and adjust the control system for optimal control ability. 13. Overheating: If the hydraulic system becomes excessively hot after a period of use, it may be due to insufficient oil flow or ineffective cooling. Check and clean oil filters, inspect and adjust oil flow to keep the hydraulic system working well without overheating. 14. Inconsistent operation: If one part of the hydraulic system operates inconsistently compared to others, it may be due to a malfunctioning control valve or damaged component. Check and repair the control valve, inspect and replace any faulty components to ensure consistency in system operation. 15. Inoperability after a period of use: If the forklift does not operate after a period of use, it may be due to worn-out components or the need for lubrication. Inspect and repair any damaged components, lubricate necessary parts to ensure the system always operates well after each use. 16. Inoperability after startup: If the forklift does not operate after startup, it may be due to weak batteries or electrical system issues. Check and recharge batteries, inspect and repair electrical components to ensure the system operates well after startup. 17. Unresponsiveness when lifting loads: If the forklift does not respond when attempting to lift a load, it may be due to a malfunctioning control valve or pump. Check and repair the control valve, inspect and replace the pump if necessary to ensure proper operation when lifting loads. 18. Inoperability after a collision: If the forklift experiences a strong collision and then does not operate, it may be due to damaged components or lost connections. Inspect and repair any damaged components, reestablish connections if necessary. By addressing these common hydraulic system failures in forklifts promptly and effectively, you can ensure smooth operations and maintain safety in your workplace.

cac-loai-cang-nang Common Forklift Damage and Troubleshooting

Common Forklift Damage and Troubleshooting 1. Fork damage: – Question: How to detect and handle fork damage? – Answer: To detect fork damage, you need to regularly check for bending, cracking, or deformation. If any abnormal signs are found, regular maintenance and replacement of the forks are necessary to ensure safety and work efficiency. 2. Uneven forks: – Question: What should we do when we notice uneven forks? – Answer: When the forks are not even, you need to check and adjust them to ensure proper alignment. This may require the intervention of an experienced technician or the use of specialized equipment for adjustment. 3. Hydraulic oil leakage: – Question: How does hydraulic oil leakage affect the forklift and what is the solution? – Answer: Hydraulic oil leakage can affect the operation of the forklift and workplace safety. The solution is to check hydraulic system connections, hoses, cylinders, and other components to find the cause of the leakage. Then proceed with repairing or replacing damaged components. 4. Loss of pressure: – Question: What causes loss of pressure in a forklift and how to troubleshoot it? – Answer: Loss of pressure can be caused by oil leakage, air in the system, or worn components. To fix this issue, you need to check the entire system from pump, valves to cylinders to determine the problem and repair or replace components as needed. 5. Stuck or damaged mechanical parts: – Question: How should we handle stuck or damaged mechanical parts in a forklift? – Answer: For issues related to mechanical parts such as wheels or rotating shafts, maintaining regular maintenance is crucial to prevent machine deterioration. If a jammed or damaged occurs, detailed inspection is needed to determine the cause followed by repair or replacement of components as required. 6. Broken cables or shaking: – Question: What should be done when forklift cables are broken or shaking? – Answer: If cables are broken or shaking, stop using the forklift immediately and conduct an inspection. Replace damaged cables with new ones according to manufacturer specifications by an experienced technician. 7. Loss of control or electrical system failure: – Question: When encountering problems with electrical systems, how do we restore control of a forklift? – Answer: Check electrical components such as fuses, relays, switches, and control circuits. Repair or replace faulty components while always following safety procedures when working with electrical systems. 8. Uneven shaking: – Question: How does uneven shaking during lifting affect operations and how can it be fixed? – Answer: Uneven shaking not only makes it difficult to control the forklift but can also damage goods and operators. Check forks, wheels, suspension components to determine causes of shaking then proceed with necessary repairs or adjustments. 9. Malfunctioning safety sensors: – Question: Why is maintaining safety sensors important and what should be done when they malfunction? – Answer: Safety sensors help prevent accidents and unwanted incidents. When a sensor malfunctions, use diagnostic equipment to identify issues then proceed with repairs or replacements. 10. Cooling system failure: – Question: What are consequences of cooling system failure and how can it be fixed? – Answer: Ineffective cooling can lead to overheating which affects performance and damages components. Check fans, radiators, hoses, coolant fluid flow blockages or leaks. 11.Brake system failure Question : When brake system fails what needs 2 b done Answer : First stop using d lift n inspect d brake sys . Check d master cylinder , brake fluid n connections 2 find d cause . If any signs f wear r damage r found , immediately replace those parts . Regular maintenance s important 2 prevent brake sys issues . 12.Poor mechanical response Question : How 2 fix poor mechanical response f d lift not moving smoothly r getting stuck ? Answer : This could b due 2 lack f lubrication r worn out parts . Clean n lubricate d mechanical parts , then apply lubricant as per manufacturer’s recommendations . If severe wear s found , replace those parts 2 ensure stable n safe operation . Remember that regular maintenance n inspections f d lift will not only extend its lifespan but also ensure safe operations .

kho-xe-nang-cu Advice on Choosing Used Container Forklifts

Definition of Used Container Forklifts Used container forklifts are specialized vehicles used for transporting and stacking containers. These forklifts have been previously used for a certain period of time before being resold on the market. Used container forklifts are typically 2-10 years old, have been operating reliably, and can continue to be effectively used for many more years. The Importance of Choosing the Right Type of Used Container Forklift Choosing the right type of used container forklift is crucial as it determines work efficiency, operating costs, and even safety for both the operator and the cargo and surrounding equipment. Key factors to consider include load capacity, size, container lifting speed, durability, reliability, maintenance costs, and availability of spare parts. Each type of forklift is suitable for specific tasks and operating environments. Therefore, businesses need careful guidance and selection when purchasing and using used container forklifts. I. Benefits of Choosing Used Container Forklifts 1. Cost savings compared to new vehicles The biggest advantage of used container forklifts is their significantly lower price compared to new vehicles, usually only 30-60% of the original value. This affordable price range is suitable for many small and medium-sized businesses. Purchasing used container forklifts helps businesses save considerable initial investment costs as well as operating expenses while still achieving profitability. 2. Environmental protection and recycling Using used container forklifts helps extend the lifespan of equipment, reduce industrial waste, and save resources and energy consumed in producing new vehicles. This approach promotes circular economy practices and environmental protection that many countries are adopting. 3. Work efficiency and stability of used forklifts After a period of use, container forklifts often reach a stable operational state with main components having passed their “childhood” stage, resulting in fewer breakdowns. Many models, when properly and regularly maintained, can be used continuously for 20 years or more without a decrease in performance. Furthermore, experience in operating and repairing familiar models is often higher compared to newly introduced forklifts. II. Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Used Container Forklifts When selecting used container forklifts, buyers need to carefully evaluate technical condition, structure, and operational history to ensure quality and reliability during use. 1. Check technical condition and maintenance – Engine and transmission system – Check cylinder compression pressure, oil/grease leaks – Starting capability, abnormal engine noise – Smoothness of power transmission system – Steering and braking system – Smooth steering, effective braking – No brake fluid leaks – Check tire condition and suspension system – Tires meet wear standards – Check shock absorber condition, lifting cylinder 2. Inspect structure and frame of the forklift – Check welding and frame durability: no deformation or cracks – Condition of other important components: gearbox, driver’s cabin… 3. Examine the usage history and maintenance records of the forklift – Operating hours – the lower the better – Complete maintenance records according to manufacturer’s requirements – Proper storage and operation conditions (non-harsh environments) III. Well-known and Reliable Brands Some reliable and well-known used container forklift brands on the market include: 1. Famous manufacturers: – Kalmar – Konecranes – Hyster – Linde – Toyota -Crown These are leading global brands in container forklifts with proven reliability and quality over time. 2. Highly rated used container forklift models: -Kalmar DRF 400-450: efficient electric plug-in empty container handler -Hyster H22XM: smooth-operating diesel container loader/unloader -Toyota 02-8FD: durable diesel forklift with stable power […]

toyota-xe-nang Common Errors in Electric Forklifts

I. Common errors in electric forklifts Maintaining and repairing electric forklifts is crucial to ensure their performance and lifespan. During usage, electric forklifts may encounter common errors, including electrical system failures, mechanical issues, and battery problems. These errors can be caused by improper usage, lack of regular maintenance, and the impact of weather conditions. To effectively handle and maintain electric forklifts, regular inspections and maintenance should be conducted, users should be trained properly, and genuine spare parts should be used. Additionally, preventive measures such as safety instructions during usage, proposing basic repair training for managers, and enhancing maintenance awareness among users should be implemented. 1. Electrical system failures in forklifts Electrical system failures are one of the common errors in electric forklifts. Power loss is a common issue that can be caused by weak or faulty batteries. To address this problem, batteries should be checked and replaced if necessary. Controller malfunctions can also occur due to damaged or improperly functioning components. To resolve this issue, components should be inspected and repaired or replaced if necessary. 2. Mechanical issues in forklifts Mechanical issues are another problem that electric forklifts may encounter. The steering system can experience malfunctions due to damaged or improperly functioning components. To address this problem, components should be checked and replaced if necessary. The lifting system can also experience malfunctions due to damaged or improperly functioning parts. To resolve this issue, parts should be inspected and repaired or replaced. 3. Battery-related issues in forklifts Battery problems are also crucial factors affecting the performance of electric forklifts. Battery lifespan can be affected by various factors such as battery age, usage conditions, and maintenance procedures. To maintain battery lifespan, proper maintenance and charging procedures should be followed. Decreased battery performance is another issue that can be caused by battery age, overloading, or incomplete charging. To address this problem, batteries should be checked and charged according to proper procedures. II. Causes of errors in electric forklifts – Causes of errors in electric forklifts can be attributed to improper usage, lack of regular maintenance, and the impact of weather conditions. Improper usage can lead to errors such as overloading the forklift or using incorrect procedures. To avoid these errors, adherence to usage procedures and limiting forklift overload is necessary. – Lack of regular maintenance is also a common cause of errors. Failure to conduct regular maintenance can affect the performance and lifespan of the forklift. To keep the forklift operating well, regular maintenance should be performed following manufacturer instructions. – Weather conditions can also impact the operation of electric forklifts. Factors such as high temperatures, cold weather, or dampness can cause issues for the forklift. To minimize the impact of weather conditions, proper protection and storage practices should be implemented. III. Handling and maintaining electric forklifts – To effectively handle and maintain electric forklifts, regular inspections and maintenance are necessary. Regular inspection and maintenance procedures help maintain the performance of the forklift and detect potential issues early on. – Proper training of users is also crucial, providing users with instructions on safe and efficient usage of electric forklifts. The use of genuine spare parts is another essential factor that cannot be overlooked as it ensures quality and longevity. – Additionally, preventive measures should be implemented to avoid errors from occurring. Safety instructions during usage are one important measure, providing safety guidelines to users of electric forklifts. – Proposing basic repair training for managers is another suggestion; training managers on basic knowledge about repairing electric forklifts enables them to handle minor issues without having to call technical staff. – Enhancing maintenance awareness among users is also an important measure, strengthening maintenance and management awareness of electric forklifts from the users. This can be achieved through providing usage instructions, reminders about regular maintenance, and creating a safe and professional working environment. In conclusion, maintaining and repairing electric forklifts is crucial to ensure their performance and lifespan. Addressing common errors such as electrical system failures, mechanical issues, and battery problems should be done meticulously and accurately. Regular inspections and maintenance, proper user training, and the use of genuine spare parts are important measures to handle and maintain electric forklifts effectively. Preventive measures such as safety instructions during usage, proposing basic repair training for managers, and enhancing maintenance awareness among users are also crucial to prevent errors from occurring.

kiem-tra-sua-xe-nang-dien Questions and quick answers about common malfunctions of forklifts

Questions and quick answers about forklifts   Question 1: Why does the forklift not work? Causes and remedies? A: Due to electrical system faults, engine, hydraulics. Check and repair faulty systems. Question 2: How to determine the cause when the forklift breaks down? A: Check each system such as brakes, steering, lifting to detect faults. […]

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Introduction to the current container forklift market   In recent years, the forklift industry has experienced significant growth. With the increase in international trade and the growing trend of containerized cargo transportation, the use of container forklifts has become an important factor in the loading and unloading process and transportation of goods. The current container […]

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Common Issues in Container Forklifts Container forklifts are a crucial part of the cargo transportation and storage process, both at sea and in port yards. However, due to continuous operation and harsh working conditions, container forklifts often encounter various problems and damages. In this article, we will explore common issues in container forklifts and how […]

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Trends and New Technologies in the Forklift Industry Introduction The forklift industry has witnessed significant developments recently, driven by emerging trends and new technologies. This has spurred improvements in efficiency and safety in material handling operations. In this article, we will briefly overview some important trends and technologies in this field. Trends in the Forklift […]

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Selling and Renting 6m High-Lift Forklifts The 2m, 3m, 6m high-lift forklift is an industrial material handling vehicle designed to lift and move items, pallets, or goods to heights of approximately 2 meters, 3 meters, or 6 meters. It plays a crucial role in the industrial and logistics sectors, optimizing storage and transportation of goods […]

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An electric pallet truck, also known as an Electric Pallet Truck, is a commonly used material handling equipment in warehouses, storage yards, supermarkets, and various industries. Its purpose is to easily and efficiently move, lift, and transport palletized goods. The electric pallet truck operates using electric power sources such as batteries or accumulators. It is […]

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Regulations on safe use of forklifts When using a forklift, safety is always a top priority. Here are some basic safety rules when using a forklift: – Training and certifications: Ensure forklift drivers have been properly trained and have the appropriate certifications in the use of forklifts. – Test before use: Before operating, check the […]

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Repair and Upgrade of Container Forklift’s Hydraulic Cylinder, and Hydraulic System Common Malfunctions of Hydraulic Cylinder and System in Container Forklifts Hydraulic cylinders and systems in container forklifts can encounter various issues leading to malfunctions. Below are some examples of common problems and their potential causes: Hydraulic oil leakage: This can occur due to cracks, […]

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Types of Forklifts commonly used in ports In ports, there is a range of forklifts used for loading and unloading cargo and performing other transportation activities. Below are some common types of forklifts often used in ports: Reach Stacker: A reach stacker is a type of forklift capable of stacking containers on top of each […]

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Hydraulic Oil for Forklifts Hydraulic oil used for forklifts is a special type of oil designed to work in the hydraulic system of a forklift. This type of oil provides lubrication and power transmission to hydraulic components, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. When choosing hydraulic oil for a forklift, there are several important factors to […]

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Selling & Renting 2-Ton Capacity Forklift Trucks Types of 2-Ton Capacity Forklift Trucks Below are some types of forklift trucks with a 2-ton capacity: Electric Forklifts: This is the most commonly used type of forklift in warehouses and factories. Electric forklifts operate on batteries or electric cells, producing no noise or emissions. They are suitable […]

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What types of batteries are used in electric forklifts? Acid-lead battery: This is the most common type of battery used in electric forklifts. Acid-lead batteries provide stable energy supply and have a low cost. However, they require regular maintenance, careful attention to full charging, and avoiding over-discharging. Lithium-ion battery: This type of battery has advanced […]

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Safety regulations when operating container forklifts in ports Operating a container forklift in a port requires strict adherence to safety regulations to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. Here are some important regulations when operating a container forklift in a port: Training requirement: Before operating a container forklift, you must complete a […]

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Notes when operating a reach truck Operating a reach truck requires skill and experience to ensure safety and efficiency in the process. Here are important notes when operating a reach truck: Get Trained and Certified: Before operating a reach truck, attend training and obtain an operating certificate from a reputable training organization. Master the regulations […]

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Overview of manual hydraulic forklifts In recent years, manual hydraulic forklifts have gradually become popular in the domestic market. The hydraulic hand pallet truck with flexible, convenient operation and skillful transportation has played a role that other forklifts cannot perform during operation. Hydraulic hand pallet truck, also known as hand pallet truck, is a versatile […]

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How often should forklift tires be changed? Usually, whether it is a forklift or an automobile, the most accurate basis for changing a tire is the pattern of the tire, when the depth of the remaining grooves on the pattern of the forklift tire is less than 0.16 cm, it must be replaced. . At […]

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How to effectively solve the problem of overheating of the internal combustion forklift truck 1. Possible causes of overheating of the internal combustion engine forklift cooling system. – Internal combustion engine system problem The internal combustion engine system includes water pump, fan pulley (both active and passive), internal combustion engine (cylinder liner), fan belt, thermostat, […]

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How often should forklifts be serviced and changed oil? Diesel forklift maintenance cycle. The total running time of the motor is 150 hours. Forklifts operate less than 150 hours a year and are serviced once a year. Minor repair time is 450 hours. The uptime of three forklifts is less than 450 hours, Maintenance of […]

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Forklift maintenance, six notes to know First: How often should a forklift be serviced? This is very important. In general, such as manual forklifts, due to fewer parts and compared to electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, liquefied petroleum gas forklifts, etc. Maintenance cycles can be made longer, such as every six months. For electric forklift, […]

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Notes when charging batteries for electric forklifts The power source of electric forklift is mainly battery and DC motor. Proper use of forklift batteries, including proper charging, proper replacement and other operational issues, is the basis for keeping electric forklift accessories in top condition. The first is the operation of charging the forklift battery. Forklift […]

bao-duong-dinh-ky-xe-nang Diesel forklift maintenance manual

Maintenance manual for diesel forklifts The maintenance cycle of diesel forklifts is daily maintenance, i.e. daily maintenance and pre-startup inspection of the forklift. The first level maintenance period is the cumulative operation of the diesel engine for 150 hours. If an internal combustion forklift’s annual service life is less than 150 hours, level one maintenance […]

ac-qui-xe-nang Measures to improve the life of forklift batteries

How to extend the life of forklift batteries? The electric forklift charger when charging needs to be equipped with a meter that displays the vehicle lights in normal circumstances. When the battery power drops from 70% to 100%, that is also the best charging time. When the electric forklift’s power source is short, it must […]

thue-xe-nang-binh-duong Forklift rental service in electric, diesel, gas cheap

Forklift rental at electricity, diesel, gas cheap price The use of forklifts brings many benefits to businesses. Therefore, more and more people choose the forklift rental service of Samcovina Company, why is that? Is renting a forklift better than buying a forklift? Buying a good forklift is a business, it costs a lot of money, […]

day-lai-xe-nang-container-1 Where can I learn to drive a reachstacker?

Learning to drive a forklift to take a container, lifting equipment? Today, when the economy is growing, learning to drive a container truck will open up a lot more job opportunities. However, there are some people who still wonder if there are any reputable and professional places to teach container forklifts and lifting equipment? Understanding […]

binh-phuoc-cho-thue-xe Forklift rental service in Binh Phuoc

Forklift rental in Binh Phuoc Samcovina Joint Stock Company is currently the largest importer and distributor of forklift trucks in Vietnam. We are headquartered at: HCMC: 87 Street No. 16, Hiep Binh Chanh, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City And branches: – Binh Duong: 11/26 Binh Duong Boulevard, Vinh Phu Ward, Thuan An, Binh Duong […]

xe-nang-moi Important notes when using a new forklift

Important Notes When Using Forklifts One, check the overall forklift when operating – Before the forklift is operated, check its appearance and add fuel, lubricating oil and coolant. – Check the total of starter, main engine and brake. – Check that all lights, signal lights, horn system are full and working properly or not. – […]

xe-nang-dung-cho-kho Forklifts are commonly used in warehouses

Common types of warehouse forklifts include: All-electric pallet truck The carrying capacity is 1.6-3 tons, the general working channel width is 2.3-2.8 meters, and the common fork lifting height is 210mm. The electric pallet truck series is mainly used for horizontal loading and unloading of goods and goods in warehouses. There are three types of […]

xe-nang-dong-co-diesel Choose an electric or diesel forklift

Choose between electric forklifts or diesel forklifts Compare and choose electric forklifts and diesel forklifts Each type of forklift will be used in a different environment. Choosing the right type can improve warehouse operations and reduce accidents. Otherwise, it will affect the performance improvement and accident rate. In fact, both electric forklifts and diesel forklifts […]

xe-nang-dien-loai-nho User manual for energy-saving electric forklifts.

Use energy-saving electric forklifts. Conventional electric forklifts are built with small and medium lifting capacities, to be able to move flexibly and meet the requirements of handling different situations. An economical technology for power consumption. Electric forklifts often operate for a long time, controlling the amount of power consumption can greatly reduce the cost of […]

bao-tri-xe-nang-dien How to clean and maintain electric forklifts

How to clean and maintain electric forklifts During long-term use, electric forklifts will accumulate a lot of dirt, which will affect the vehicle’s ability to operate, not meeting the factory’s 5S regulations, so cleaning becomes even more important. Forklifts are frequently overlooked. Each enterprise will add related regulations and requirements on cleaning and maintaining forklifts […]

he-thong-thuy-luc Manual for hydraulic system maintenance for forklifts

Maintenance of hydraulic systems for forklifts The maintenance of the forklift hydraulic system is different from other mechanical systems, the maintenance of the hydraulic system is relatively simple. But this maintenance has a big impact on the operation, efficiency and life of the hydraulic system. The maintenance of the forklift hydraulic system can be performed […]

van-hang-xe-nang-dien Safe operation and maintenance procedures for electric forklifts

Safe operation and maintenance of electric forklifts Related systems and responsibility for maintaining safe operating rules for electric forklifts. Rules and procedures for safe operation. Safe forklift operation procedures Electric forklifts and internal combustion forklifts are nearly identical in shape and construction, respectively. But there is a difference in the exact operation method: Since the […]

dong-co-xe-nang-dien Maintenance of electrical systems for forklifts

Electric systems for forklifts The forklift’s electrical system is the main part of the forklift, a minor failure can cause the entire vehicle to malfunction or cause an accident. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of various components in the forklift’s electrical system is extremely important for the safe use of the forklift. The power supply […]

xe nang coc Where is the cheapest place to rent a forklift?

Where to rent a forklift with cheap prestige? Your business is expanding its production and business scale, so you need to find or rent a forklift to increase productivity and create work efficiency, but you are wondering where to buy or rent to save costs and quality. and efficient operation with long service life. Samcovina […]

xe-nang-hang-cho-thue Forklift rental service in Binh Duong

Forklift rental service Forklift leasing is the most flexible and cost-effective way to ensure every operation in your warehouse or factory is fully equipped with forklifts to handle large volumes of goods. materials need to be lifted and unloaded within a certain time (depending on rental period) without loss of productivity during peak months. On […]

Forklift rental in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, Binh Duong, Dong Nai

Forklift rental Samcovina Company is one of the leading and long-standing units in the field of forklift sales and rental. We specialize in renting forklifts of all kinds, which are completely imported from famous forklift brands in the world with extremely favorable rental prices to all customers in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh […]

Where to rent a forklift for cheap?

Benefits of renting a forklift The head of the business always considers the company’s financial flow, so when deciding to buy an asset, means, and tools of great value, it is often a very difficult decision. Forklift is also considered as a vehicle of great value, whether a business should rent or buy is also […]

xe-cho-thue What information do forklift hirers need to know?

What information do you need to know when renting a forklift? When buying or renting a forklift, knowing how to choose the right forklift for the job requires you to have in-depth knowledge if you want to find the most efficient forklift for the job you need while also saving money. most cost effective. In […]

hyudai Hyundai forklift for sale and rental

Forklift Hyundai Hyundai is a famous Korean forklift brand that is not only famous and won the trust of most users for its long life but also famous for its good product quality, diverse models and extended warranty period. up to 3000 hours through authorized Hyundai dealers. This is one of the plus points that […]

mua-xe-nang-qua-ngan-hang Buying and selling forklifts with installment payments through a loan bank

Buy and sell forklifts with installment payments through the bank You want to buy a forklift through the bank? Not sure what this should include? The article below will help you understand the basics. Some information when buying a forklift through a bank in the form of installment payment Today, with the rapid development of […]

xe-nang-rut-cong Forklift rental, container loading and unloading trucks

Forklift rental and container loading and unloading service Container forklifts are one of the essential vehicles in the management and arrangement of goods in the warehouse. In order not to have to raise a large amount of money to buy a car, choosing a forklift truck rental service is the best option for businesses. And […]

xe-nang-cu-toyota Toyota diesel and electric forklift for sale and rental

Toyota forklift for sale and rental You are looking to buy or rent a new or used forklift for your convenience, but you are wondering which model or brand to choose? So have you thought about owning a Toyota forklift? Toyota is a Japanese brand that is said to be a giant in the forklift […]

Types of Forklift Trucks

Learn about forklifts There are many different types of forklifts and each type of forklift has different functions, capacities, advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of the problems that are particularly common with each type of forklift: Hand pallet truck Hand pallet truck is a forklift with compact size, simple design and […]

thue-xe-nang-o-dau Cheap electric forklift for rent

Cheap forklift rental Samcovina Joint Stock Company is a company specializing in trading and renting used and new forklifts with more than 14 years of experience. Samcovina.com owns a wide variety of used forklifts imported directly from Korea, Japan, Germany, USA and European countries with high quality for sale and rental. If you need a […]

an-toan-xe-nang Instructions on how to operate a forklift safely

Pay attention to safety and prevent accidents when operating forklifts Forklift is a device that handles internal handling tasks. Its working environment and working conditions are always in the process of changing at any time, the safety of forklift driving depends on the instantaneous action of the driver. The working environment of forklifts is often […]

bom-thuy-luc The principle of hydraulic system of forklift truck

Forklift hydraulic system 1. Principle of forklift hydraulic system. The hydraulic system of the forklift is an important part of the forklift. The working equipment accessories and the steering system of the forklift are all driven by the hydraulic system. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of the forklift hydraulic system directly affect the forklift’s ability […]

thue-xe-nang-re Experience when renting forklifts

Experience when renting forklifts Forklift rental services are now more popular than ever before. This is completely consistent with the development trend of the economy, because the forklift rental service will be very effective and economical for businesses such as: – Newly established businesses, so capital is limited and necessary for many other needs – […]

hu-xe-nang-diesel Errors that cause damage in Diesel forklifts and remedies

Common failures in Diesel forklifts and remedies Diesel forklifts have mechanical failures during operation, which can damage fundamental components and cause more serious problems for the vehicle, goods, and people. Usually before diesel forklifts have problems. Factors such as: speed, sound, exhaust gas, water temperature, oil pressure and other related problems of it will all […]

sua-xe-nang-dien Common failures in electric forklifts

Damage problems in electric forklifts and remedies Nowadays, society is increasingly demanding on environmental protection issues. Energy-saving, low-noise, and non-polluting electric forklifts are motor vehicles that meet the above needs. The process of using electric forklifts is also inevitable for damage, which, if not corrected in time, will lead to many troubles for businesses. With […]

Forklift rental in Long An

Forklift rental In order to bring the best solution for companies that do not have forklifts, Samcovina Joint Stock Company specializes in providing professional forklift rental services for individuals and businesses in Long An. Samcovina offers forklift rental from months to years. In addition, we also provide forklift rental services according to shifts or specific […]

Quotations for electric, diesel, and gas forklifts

Price list of used forklifts with electric, diesel and gas engines Note: Due to frequent import and continuous sale and rental. Therefore, the following forklifts may not be available at the moment. Therefore, the price list is for reference only. To receive a specific quote for the forklifts in stock at the moment. Please feel […]

Kalmar-DRF-420 Forklift sale and rental in HCMC, Binh Duong, Dong Nai

Forklift sale and rental in HCMC Samcovina operates in the business of selling and leasing container forklifts, container trucks, electric forklifts, and diesel forklifts. With a number of cars imported from Europe, we have a warehouse and repair shop in Thuan An Binh Duong, Phu Huu District 9 (near Cat Lai port) that can meet […]

Things to pay attention to when working with forklift batteries

Things to pay attention to when working with forklift batteries In the previous post of samcovina.com, we have guided the design standards of a safe battery charging room/station for forklifts. Today, we suggest a few more safety tips when working with industrial batteries. Absolutely do not smoke, create sparks, open flames or solder near the […]

REACH-TRUCK-R16S Reach truck – reach truck – warehouse forklift – cold storage

Sell ​​and rent Reachtruck forklifts – forklifts to high-altitude warehouse shelves – cold storage forklifts Reach Truck or Reach Forklift Truck, reach forklift, warehouse forklift, electric forklift for cold storage. Reach trucks are often used in warehouses, storage, cold storage with a working range on warehouse shelves up to 12m. This reach truck is designed […]

lai-xe-nang-container Kalmar reachstacker driver’s manual

Kalmar reachstacker driver’s manual   Container drivers now have a pretty good income, some people easily imagine driving trucks, coaches, buses, but for Container trucks it is specialized and has a bit different characteristics. We can visualize their work through the above clip

Forklift used for Cold storage

Electric forklift for cold storage In warehouses that store goods in large quantities, loading and unloading cannot completely depend on human strength, especially with warehouses using high-height pallets. For such warehouses, the use of a specialized lifting equipment is a very necessary solution. Capacitive forklifts in cold storage are the most suitable choice. So what’s […]

cho-thue-xe-nang-forklift Sell, rent electric forklifts in Can Tho and the Western provinces

Sell, rent electric forklifts in Can Tho and the Western provinces Samcovina Joint Stock Company is a direct importer and trader of electric forklifts and Container forklifts. Currently, we have a representative office in Can Tho to support regional customers in the western provinces such as: Can Tho, Hau Giang, Ca Mau, Bac Lieu, Soc […]

electric forklift for ren Electric, Diesel Forklift Forklift Rental

Electric, Diesel Forklift Forklift Rental In Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An Samcovina Joint Stock Company is an importer and supplier of used forklifts and technical services for forklifts… From the fact that the demand for rental is increasing day by day, so we open a rental service. short and long […]

pallet kho How to calculate the number of pallets that can be stored in the warehouse?

How to calculate the number of pallets that can be stored in the warehouse? Optimizing space but still being suitable for the maximum number of products/pallets is the primary goal of warehouse design. We have made some guesses and calculations through modern information technology equipment about a specific warehouse space so that you can answer […]

kho hang 5 things that warehouse service business owners should know

Warehousing service business should know If you have a warehouse and in that warehouse you have shelves, pallet racks and some specialized lifting equipment then you can enter the material handling / warehousing / storage services industry. store goods. These are people who carry out the business with a lot of experience specializing in handling […]

bo xac acqui Important knowledge about forklift battery chargers

Share important knowledge about forklift battery chargers Forklift/Forklift Battery Charger is an industrial charger that is responsible for charging/charging forklift batteries as quickly as possible without shortening the life of the battery by overheating or overloading. Before the advent of modern forklift battery chargers, forklift operators/users were often responsible for setting the desired voltage and […]

kiem tra xe nâng Why you need to check the shelves regularly

Why you need to check the shelves regularly Why check the shelves regularly? Regular inspection and repair of storage racks is one of the important factors in warehouse management. Warehouse managers and forklift operators can also contribute ideas in the management of warehouses, berths and yards. Warehouse managers, warehouse operations managers will lose function and […]

an toan voi xe nang Safety standards when working in the warehouse

Safety standards when working in warehouses need to be paid attention to In warehouses and ports, keeping workers and pedestrians safe is a very necessary job. Traffic safety for pedestrians Forklift operators must always be aware of their workplace, including pedestrian traffic (supervisors or workers working around the aisles). Where possible, it is necessary to […]

bao tri acqui xe nang Instructions on how to maintain forklift batteries

Ways to maintain batteries for electric forklifts Forklift battery maintenance is an extremely important part of keeping forklift operations in warehouses, yards, and docks running smoothly. When a forklift lifts goods up and down with high intensity without care, maintenance or maintenance, it often causes your forklifts to quickly break down and your ability to […]

banh xe hay hong lop Causes of forklift wheel failure

The reasons why forklift wheels are easily damaged If you’ve never been able to monitor or care about the condition of your forklift wheels, now would be a good time to start monitoring and reviewing your forklift wheel condition more often. These are the top reasons why your forklift wheels don’t want to roll, or […]

nen thue hay mua xe nang Should I rent a forklift?

Should Business Owners Rent a Forklift? Many businesses are wondering whether to rent a forklift or buy it outright to own a forklift to serve the transportation, loading and unloading of goods in their warehouse. Each company has its own options, depending on the specific case. If your business uses forklifts a lot and the […]

loi ich xe nang Efficiently manage and operate forklifts

Benefits of a labor management system for forklifts What is a labor management system? In the current delivery environment, there are two main factors preventing you from achieving optimal levels of productivity and minimal costs: – Lack of visibility into the operation – Lack of important indicators to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the operation. […]

mua xe nang hang How much does it cost to own a forklift?

How much does it cost to buy a new forklift? Choosing the right forklift for the transportation, loading and unloading of goods in your warehouse is not an easy job. There are many different types of forklifts to choose from, and above all, each type of forklift has its advantages and disadvantages or is suitable […]

xe nang gas Learn about Gas or LPG powered forklifts

Gas or LPG forklifts Gas forklifts are the best performers and have indoor/outdoor versatility. LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) forklifts have long been popular due to their competitive prices and suitability for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, it is a popular choice because it is quite convenient for a work environment that revolves around like […]

Sell imported used electric forklift (gas, diesel) with good price

Selling used forklifts, electric forklifts, diesel forklifts, imported European gas forklifts with good prices Samcovina company specializes in importing and supplying complete, used forklift trucks, all vehicles are carefully selected before import, quality >80%. Vehicles are stored at the parking lot in District 9 (Near Cat Lai Port) in Ho Chi Minh City. The lines […]

xe nang may dau diesel Xe nâng máy dầu diesel

Xe nâng động cơ diesel Xe nâng động cơ diesel là loại xe nâng có chi phí hoạt động rẻ hơn nhiều so với những loại xe nâng khác. Xe nâng sử dụng động cơ diesel là lựa chọn lý tưởng cho các ứng dụng ở những nơi chủ yếu được sử dụng bên ngoài […]

so sanh xe nang Similarities and differences between forklifts

Similarities and differences between forklifts Many people in the transportation service industry, loading and unloading warehouses – ports ask Samcovina the question: What are the similarities and differences between forklifts? What is the main application of each type of forklift? Below we will detail a few types of forklift trucks along with their main applications […]

mua xe nang hang Should you buy a forklift online?

Should you buy a forklift online? With the explosion of information technology, more and more people tend to buy goods over the internet (online online). Forklifts are also an exception, the situation of buying and selling forklifts online is very popular. This is hardly surprising since there is an increasing tendency to buy everything online. […]

diem manh xe nang dien Advantages of electric forklifts

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric forklifts? Forklifts come in many varieties such as electric forklifts, diesel forklifts, gas or LPG forklifts. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses; So when you want to upgrade your forklift, you need to find out what type of forklift you own. To be sure you can […]

ung dung cua xe nang hang Specific applications of forklifts

Forklift specific applications Are you considering buying or renting a forklift? To help you navigate and make your decision whether to rent or buy a forklift, we provide some basic information that will help you understand the specific application of the forklift. Forklifts are designed to work in warehouse spaces with narrow aisles. The task […]

xe nang hang kho bai The importance of forklifts in warehouses

How important are forklifts in warehouses? If you asked anyone outside the material handling industry (the warehousing service industry) to describe a forklift, they would describe a classic forklift consisting of: four wheels, a large body behind a mast, a chair and seat that resembled a regular lawn mower. But these specialized forklifts can perform […]

lai xe nang Establish and implement a forklift driver training program

Forklift driver training program Any forklift driver understands the importance of forklift driver training programs and it is these training programs that are one of the essential elements for a successful forklift operation. labour. In particular, effective safety forklift driver training programs always keep training attention all year round. The program always improves operational efficiency […]

xe nang hang 01 5 ways to optimize forklift operations

Optimize forklift operation Forklifts are an important component of efficient loading and unloading operations, moving goods in warehouses and yards. Your business may have to spend a lot of time and money on transporting and unloading goods without a forklift or a fleet of specialized forklifts to lift and move goods from the warehouse. to […]

uu-nhuoc-diem-xe-nang-dien Advantages and disadvantages of electric forklifts

When it comes to electric forklifts, many people often think of them. How can such a large forklift truck, carrying loads of loads up to a ton… be able to run on electricity? In fact, an electric forklift can have even more outstanding advantages. Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of each car line, each […]

Kalmar-DRF-DC4160 Container forklift for rent in Ho Chi Minh City

Samcovina Joint Stock Company specializes in selling and leasing container forklifts, empty container forklifts. Forklift rental short-term, long-term and always check the vehicle weekly, monthly. Quick procedure, with attentive technical service, cheap price.      

pallet-nhua Things you must know about Pallets

Things you must know about pallets Pallets play a very important role in loading, unloading, storing goods in warehouses and yards and it directly affects the efficiency of your service supply chain. Bad pallets in the warehouse seriously affect the quality of goods and can be dangerous when the sustainability of the goods stacked on […]

phu-tung-xe-nang-hang Guide to buying spare parts for forklifts

How to choose spare parts for forklifts? The life of the forklift is determined by how often you maintain and maintain the vehicle? Every forklift should be carefully maintained on a regular basis, which includes the replacement of any equipment or parts in the vehicle. Purchasing forklift parts and keeping up with the times or […]

Container-hander Choose a container handler or a reach stacker?

Choose container handler or reach stacker? Choosing between a container handler or a reach stacker to handle loading, unloading and moving containers requires a certain understanding of the characteristics of each of these vehicles. Although both machines are used for similar purposes, the designs of these two forklifts are determined to be robust, flexible, and suitable […]

xe nang reach stacker The power of Reach Stacker

The power of Reach Stacker Indeed, Forklifts are considered the kings of the warehouse when it comes to handling and arranging materials, goods or any large or small object in the warehouse. But literally, even kings cannot always have everything within their reach and can be limited in some way. Special cargo yards and ports […]

xe nang hang cu (1) You probably didn’t know these things about forklifts

You probably didn’t know these things about forklifts Forklift trucks are the backbone of the equipment industry. It is one of the most common vehicles (machines) used to handle lifting, moving materials (objects, goods => working objects of forklifts) and forklifts play an important role. important in construction, warehouse, production facilities. But are you sure […]

xe nang hang pho bien (2) The most popular types of forklifts today

The most popular types of forklifts today Choosing to buy a forklift for your business is not as simple as buying a gram of A4 paper but a challenging one. If you are a person in charge of choosing to buy a forklift, there are basic engine issues you should find out for yourself before […]

How to choose the best forklift

How to choose the best forklift To those who haven’t had any forklift training or haven’t worked much with it, all forklifts look the same. But there is a lot of difference when it comes to the intended use and the accessories. Moreover, not all forklifts meet the same needs, purposes, locations, etc. So, how […]

lop xe nang (2) Forklift trucks and forklift tires

Forklift trucks and forklift tires Types of forklifts: Forklift, forklift is known as a type of heavy-duty vehicle with a crane because it is a vehicle that can lift and lower loads using a set of forks (forks, pallets). Forklifts are used in many places such as warehouses, workshops, farms, freight warehouses, docks and more. […]

nap-ac-qui-cho-xe-nang Instructions for charging electric forklift batteries safely and correctly

Instructions for charging Safe and technically correct electric forklift batteries In the previous article of samcovina.com, we have guided the design standards of a safe battery charging room/station for electric forklifts and forklifts. Today, we suggest a few more safety tips when working with industrial batteries (batteries) for forklifts, electric forklifts Absolutely do not smoke, create […]

tinh co dong cua xe nang (2) Forklift stability and maneuverability

Forklift stability and maneuverability In this article, Samcovina.com will go into depth, specifically about the stability and maneuverability of forklifts. What is stability? When working with loads, forklift stability is one of the most important aspects that forklift users need to be aware of. Here are a few features you should keep in mind. Load […]

bao quan xe nang (2) Store and maintain forklifts properly

Store and maintain forklifts properly No matter how often your forklift is used daily or periodically during the week or month, it is always important to store and maintain the forklift properly. Proper storage and maintenance of the forklift will ensure it is safe and always ready to be put into use when needed. On […]

REACH-TRUCK The role of forklifts in transporting goods

The role of forklifts in transporting goods Material handling and the role of logistics and cargo handling support companies in this day and age. Material handling, logistics and freight services have a role to play in making lives better, getting things done faster and with fewer workers. But not all regions of the world enjoy […]

Battery charging room standards for electric forklifts

Battery charging room standards for electric forklifts The trend of using electric forklifts for loading and unloading, moving goods (short distances) brings many benefits to warehouses. The environment becomes cleaner and noise is also significantly reduced when using electric forklifts. In addition, in many European countries it is no longer allowed to drive diesel forklift […]

Choosing the right forklift tire for the application

Choosing the right forklift tire for the application There are three common types of tires available for forklifts and a few others that are not so common. For forklifts to work efficiently and safely, it is equally important to choose the right forklift tires to equip the forklift’s applications and operations in many cases, in […]

Do’s and Don’ts When Driving a Forklift

Do’s and Don’ts When Driving a Forklift When operating a forklift there are some things you should always do and some things you should never do. Although some aspects may be obvious, If we do not follow these principles even small mistakes can cause costly correction or repair. Things forklift users should always do: Reduce […]

lai-xe-nang-an-toan 16 basic things to know for safe forklift operation

Basics to know for safe forklift operation Below samcovina.com guides some simple tips and knowledge to ensure the safety of forklift operators. Although these are very simple and basic tips, they are good knowledge to support and guide on health and safety in the workplace. The operator (driver) must be qualifiedForklift trucks should only be […]

an-toan-khi-dung-xe-nang Safety when using a forklift is often overlooked

Safety when using a forklift is often overlooked One of the most important aspects of using a forklift is a safety issue that is often overlooked by many users. Safe use of forklifts includes many of the following: Training in operating and driving procedures, proper vehicle maintenance, proper use, regular inspection of vehicle components such […]

chon-mua-xe-nang-cu Tips when choosing to buy a used forklift

Tips when choosing to buy a used forklift Before deciding to buy a used forklift, research is an important first step before you buy a used forklift. There are four main steps in the research process: Learn the basics Learn and understand basic forklift specifications To understand more about the parameters, we can find out […]

van-chuyen-hang-bang-container Instructions for checking and distributing goods safely on Containers

Instructions for checking and distributing goods safely on Containers 1. Container inspection Container inspection before loading: All containers before being used need to have a CSC inspection certificate, compatible with the international convention on container safety. During transportation, containers are also inspected and monitored at transshipment points. To ensure a safe transportation process, you can […]

thay-acqui-xe-nang Things to note when changing batteries for electric forklifts

When replacing batteries for electric forklifts, pay attention to the following issues: Batteries are one of the most important parts of a forklift truck. The battery assumes the role of storing power, starting the engine, the light system, etc. when the engine is not in operation. More important than the battery that powers the starter, […]

tuoi-tho-xe-nang-dien How long is the battery life of an electric forklift?

What’s the difference between a battery for an electric forklift and a normal battery?Forklift battery is an industrial battery with a large reserve capacity, with the same structure and principle of operation as a civil battery, with a reserve capacity of usually 200Ah or more. Basically the forklift battery is like a civil battery, but […]

Linde-Pallet-Trucks Used electric pallet truck

Pallet forklift is a line of forklifts that specializes in lifting and moving pallets at low altitudes, pallet trucks are usually designed to be compact. Type using manual hydraulic lifting system, moving by hand. Vehicles using engines used to control the lifting and moving system. A line of semi-automatic pallet trucks that is a manual […]

xe-nang-cu Selling used forklifts imported from Europe

Sell ​​used electric, oil and gas forklifts Selling used forklifts, buying and using old forklifts – used forklifts sometimes face the risk that when buying an old forklift that is “too broken” (due to cheap desire), buying an old forklift without its internals itself is already decaying although it looks quite ok (enchanted by the […]

Super excavator driving

The creativity and recklessness of this driver is too cool Congratulations on a great performance, hopefully next time you will show us your ability to drive a forklift or some kind of specialized vehicle.

tu-kiem-tra-va-bao-tri-xe-nang On-site forklift self-inspection and maintenance

It is very important to regularly monitor, check and fix minor issues that are done regularly. First: it ensures that your forklift can operate continuously without being interrupted by minor problems Second: Avoid errors and technical damage arising from minor failures Third: Raise the level and awareness for those who directly manage and operate the […]

tiet-kiem-nhien-lieu-cho-xe-nang Measures to save fuel for forklifts

The finished product price of any manufacturer, any product field is calculated from raw materials, labor costs, raw material costs for machinery and vehicles. In which the materials consumed for forklifts also belong to that cost chain. So how to operate the forklift to minimize it? With our experience, we would like to list ways […]

cac-loai-xe-nang Advantages and disadvantages of forklifts

Electric Forklift Advantages – Working quietly, without polluting the environment, very suitable for use in cold storage, storage, workplaces that need cleanliness and quiet. – Compact design, flexible movement – Energy saving – Popular use Defect –  Continuous operation time is just over 1 working shift, long refueling time 4 wheel electric forklift Advantages – […]

xe nang dien pallet Cheap electric forklift, diesel forklift

Buying and using electric forklifts, diesel forklifts with a capacity of 1.5 to 10 tons, new vehicles is not cheap. Therefore, some businesses choose to buy used electric forklifts and used diesel forklifts with the same functions, which are half cheaper. But how to choose and buy a used forklift? How can it be economically […]

REACH-TRUCK Sell diesel forklift, used electric forklift

Sell ​​used diesel forklift/electric forklift – used diesel forklift/electric forklift Buying and using used diesel forklifts – used diesel forklifts is always a pain for people who intend to buy and use it because: Users do not know which brand to buy? Do price and quality go hand in hand? What is the condition of […]

xe-nang-mitsubishi Forklift Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Forklift forklifts with internal combustion engine, using diesel fuel include: 1.5 ton diesel forklift, 2.5 ton diesel forklift, 3.5 ton diesel forklift, forklift truck 5 ton internal combustion engine, 3 m lifting height, fork allows for expansion and contraction The cabin system is designed to be comfortable, with a wide field of view, and […]

chon-mua-xe-nang-cu Forklift forklift, reach truck, pallet truck

When using a Forklift, reach truck, and pallet truck, both electric forklifts and diesel forklifts, especially because the area around a lot of goods, items, and obstacles, the operator of the vehicle. must pay close attention to observe and anticipate possible situations to minimize accidents for people, vehicles and goods. We share these video clips […]

2.5 ton diesel forklift

Forklifts using diesel engines – diesel forklifts – popular diesel forklifts are: 2.5 ton diesel forklift, 3 ton diesel forklift, 4 ton diesel forklift, 5 ton engine forklift … Type 1 stage fork lift, 2 tier fork type, 3 tier fork type, fork mechanism that allows closing / opening, 2 fork lift, 1 fork lift, […]

Forklift Towing Pallet

Forklift pallet truck, also known as pallet truck, pallet truck, toad forklift, stand-up forklift. This series of vehicles is usually designed to be very compact, only the engine part is more compact than the hand pallet truck. Pallet forklifts are designed with the following types: automatic (motorized from lifting system to moving system), semi-automatic (motorized […]

reach-truck-linde-r16S Linde electric forklift

Linde electric forklift 1400 Kg – Reach truck Linde – Linde warehouse forklift is a famous and popular product line of Linde company because it is compactly designed, has the ability to move flexibly, and has a load capacity of 1. ,4 tons, 1.7 tons, 2 tons of forks allow to stack and unfold with […]

xe-nang-forklift-diesel Sell used electric Forklift forklift

Sell ​​used electric forklifts Samcovina Company imports and supplies forklifts such as reach truck, electric pallet truck, diesel forklift. We currently have 2 product lines that are 100% new diesel forklifts, old electric forklifts, old diesel forklifts of brands: Linde, Toyota, TCM, Mitsubishi…, all new models and vehicles. Used are all well-maintained, fast and cheap […]

acquy-xe-nang-dien Battery maintenance for electric forklifts

Battery maintenance procedure for electric forklifts Almost all electric forklifts of different brands use battery packs with voltage: 24, 36, 48VDC, and the capacity depends on the capacity of the vehicle, the Aqui container, how many batteries can be used. battery to the connector (basic rule of battery connection: series connection => increase voltage, parallel […]

an-toan-khi-lai-xe-nang Accidents when using the forklift incorrectly

We share a video of some unexpected accidents when using a forklift. As with any profession, in the process of labor production, life and health are always a top concern. If in the process of working (here we want to refer to forklift drivers, workers working in forklift operating areas) we are careless, negligent, joking… […]

xe-nang-mitsubishi New Mitsubishi diesel forklift for sale

New Mitsubishi diesel forklift for sale Car brand: MITSUBISHI. Japan Model: FD25T Lifting capacity: 2,500 kgs Center of load: 500 mm Lifting height: 3000 mm with 3-tank lift frame (FSV4.3M) Fork length: 1,070 mm Wheels: steam rubber. Gear set: automatic Year of manufacture: 2014/2015, 100% new Model: FD25T Lifting capacity: 2,500 kgs Center of load: […]

xe-nang-rong Kalmar Empty Container Forklift

Empty container reachtruck is a line of container forklifts designed with a normal capacity of 10 tons to match the normal load of empty containers (about 2 tons). Therefore, the structure is more compact, the ability to move, lifting and lowering is more flexible, using the main engine with a smaller capacity => more fuel […]

lai-xe-nang-container Driving a Kalmar Container Forklift

Kalmar Container Forklift has now become a famous brand in the world, in Vietnam market the most commonly used models at ports are: DRF450 container forklift, DRF100 empty forklift… Currently, Samcovina has imported some of the above vehicles and is in storage at the bus station in District 9, we sell or rent it at […]

xe-nang-kalmar Kalmar container forklift

Samcovina has now imported cargo forklifts, empty containers of famous brands such as: Kalmar, Konecranes, Boss. Besides, we sell and receive orders for spare parts and repairs for the above models and models. We have a team of technicians who are highly trained, knowledgeable about container forklifts, so we can advise and repair problems related […]

Kalmar-DRD100-52S60 Kalmar container shooting driver’s guide

Driving instruction video of Kalmar DRF450 container, this is a container forklift with a load of up to 45 tons, allowing 5 floors of containers, with 3 rows of containers. học lái xe nâng container ở đâu | Xe nâng container Kalmar

Xe nâng container rỗng Boss Container Forklift

Boss Container Forklift – Container handler is a vertical lifting line with a lifting capacity of 10 tons manufactured by Lancer Boss. Currently, Samcovina has imported used Boss container handlers, stored at the parking lot in District 9 (near Cat Lai port). We sell or rent at good prices with attentive technical service. Please contact […]

xe-nang-reacch-truck-r14 Using reach trucks

The reach truck is a specialized forklift used to load and unload goods onto the shelf, the reach truck is designed with a lifting frame that can be stretched and folded, so the platform can be raised up to 10m, the vehicle is designed Compact, capable of moving in tight places, the ability to move […]

xe-nang-pallet-truck Using the Linde T20 SP pallet truck

Linde pallet truck  T20-SP series is made in Germany, this is a small electric forklift, vertical control, low lifting range from 20 – 800mm, very flexible control, allowing to maneuver at narrow angles, allowing to lift loads up to 2 tons. The battery system allows for more than 10 hours of continuous operation, the hand […]

lai-xe-nang-hang When buying a forklift, you need to pay attention

Issues to keep in mind when choosing and buying a reach truck If you are a beginner and have no experience with forklifts, before going to buy a Forklift – reach truck – a pallet truck for electric forklifts or diesel forklifts. We need to note a few points before choosing and buying. To buy […]

chon-mua-xe-nang-cu Should you buy a used forklift?

Should you buy used forklifts – used forklifts or not? This is a question that interested people, especially those who want to buy a forklift, hope to have an answer that satisfies them. First of all, we should talk about why so many people want to ask? Buying a forklift to serve production and business […]

xe-nang-dienTOYOTA-8FBCHU25 Issues to consider when buying used forklifts

CHOOSE USED FORKLIFT Buying and using a used forklift is sometimes troublesome and risky due to not fully assessing the actual condition of the vehicle, but many people also get an old forklift for a great price. Good deal, good quality. All of the above issues will be decided by 80% of people with knowledge […]

bao tri acqui xe nang How forklifts were invented and how they work

One of the devices used to transport and unload goods are forklifts. Forklifts have become an essential part of every port, yard, warehouse or manufacturing facility. It is seen as versatile machines that can perform various tasks, both indoors and outdoors. The biggest benefit is that the forklifts have the power to complete a job […]

ASILE-MASTER-6 Structure of Forklift electric forklift

Understanding the basic structure and operating principle of the electric forklift truck, from the control system, hydraulic system, transmission mechanism… will help repair operators easily judge the problems. malfunctions occur in each cluster in order to localize and give directions to repair and overcome and shorten the fastest time Diagram of the general functions of […]

xe-nang-kalmar Safety notes for forklift users

Safety for forklift users Electric forklifts, forklifts with internal combustion engines (forklifts), container reachstackers are collectively known as motorized forklifts. While motorized forklifts are often used to move in the internal area, forklift operators without training and basic training will be very dangerous to people, vehicles and goods. We would like to point out general […]