Forklifts is a type of lifting gear capable of moving for loading and unloading goods in warehouses and yards.

The Forklifts, for example, can be divided into two types of forklift trucks: Manpower to pull, force to lift or move it.

In the type of engine, there are Forklifts such as Electric Forklift, Electric Forklift, Forklift using Diesel Engine.

There are many forklifts on the market and each forklifts has different uses, they are an indispensable part of the plant and warehouse.

With a good forklift will bring the speed, convenience, reduce waiting time, improve work efficiency, save costs. This device will meet the strict requirements of the user for lifting capacity, lifting height, terrain operation, space operation. The durability of the car is also an important factor, the lifespan of forklifts and forklift engines, the ability of the forklift truck to operate in harsh environments.

About the operation of forklift Forklift we have the popular types such as:

Forklift trucks: These are the basic used forklifts. They are capable of good cargo handling and flexible cargo handling.

Pallet truck: The pallet truck, which is usually very easy to handle and highly flexible. They are easy to operate in containers, tractors. Compact pallet truck, suitable for safe operation for low-density loading and unloading. This car is used in many places, such as offices, retail stores, print shops …. Due to the light weight, compact size and high load capacity, this is the best choice in moving pallets, objects, especially in confined space areas. Pallet trucks usually use electric motors, low lifting capacity, high lift capacity (over 2 tons), simple control, continuous work time over 8 hours

Forklift Reach truck

The Reach Truck, or Reach Forklift Truck, is a forklift truck that is accessed by a movable lifting platform called REACH. The Reach Truck is a forklift that has been improved from  Forklifts. The body is shortened to save space, used for narrow spaces. The lifting frame can be moved – for flexible cargo. Thanks to the two legs in front of the farther reach, so when taking the goods on high, Reach Truck lift less lose the load. Because of this factor, the manufacturer designed the Reach Truck with the ability to take up to 12m (while the forklift only took 6m).

Reach Trucks also inherit the technology of electric forklift (alternator motor …) and in addition, the line of high-class Reach Truck is equipped with high technology, which makes loading easy and safe.

When it comes to Reach Truck for the plant, there should be a combination of Reach Truck consultants and warehouse design staff. With professional Racking designers, they are knowledgeable about the Reach Truck and choose the reach truck that fits the design drawings.

Samcovina specializes in designing, providing lifting solutions, loading and unloading goods including forklifts, bridge systems, lifting tables for warehouses, wharves, supermarkets … and spare parts repair services. and lifting equipment


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