With many years of experience in overhauling and upgrading spare parts for forklift trucks, we advise you to choose a reputable place when you need to upgrade, repair or replace spare parts for forklift.

Proper maintenance starts with the daily checks of the forklift. But other aspects of the working environment are also important to maintain, including wheel chocks, trailer locks, dock plates, lighting, and travel lane markings for trucks and pedestrians.

Maintenance is not just a good idea, it’s a requirement.

Daily checks on each lift truck are a requirement in many countries.  Using Hyster’s Daily Pre-Operation Check-List can be helpful.

A Periodic Maintenance program ensures each lift truck receives timely, thorough inspections. In addition to ensuring up-time and productivity, proper maintenance and inspections improve confidence that trucks are operating safely.

Damaged parts often occur in forklift trucks:

For each type of forklift  each usually has specific errors, so we can not list them all. Please share the basic errors common to all lines with the desire to encounter we can easily identify the cause and provide the fastest solution.

For forklift trucks:

– The fuel system is obstructed, folded and broken, causing the engine to fail to start

– The engine cooling system is dusty, sealed to make the wind, water convection does not cause heat engine leading to vehicles do not work long and stable.

– Dirty power control system leads to sealed heat sinks, electrical contacts flicker, sometimes electrical contactors are oxidized, broken signal wires, touching the ground make the control system flicker or “dirt”

– Hydraulic system “weak viscosity”, trembling or not working. The common cause is due to: hydraulic pump system exhaust, hydraulic hydraulic leaks, electrical contact control ben is broken or flicker, overload allowed by forklift

– There are also many diseases or major faults in the gear, shaft, and lift that we can observe with the naked eye.

For electric forklifts:

– When we unplug the power source, we do not see the “light”. Usually, the power supply breaks, the power cord is cut off or broken, the intermediate open relay is not working, the contact of the power key is damaged, sometimes the battery. For too long not to start the car make acqui “dry source”

– The problem related to the forklift’s handling system is very large, we can not list all the cases, but there are tips for the user that is: frequent cleaning dust Allow water, chemical solution to pour or moisten to the control area

– An important note when using electric forklifts is to check and follow the instructions when charging and monitoring the battery.

All issues related to troubleshooting, maintenance and replacement of forklift parts, or overhauling forklifts please contact us.

     With a well-trained staff, many years of experience in repairing spare parts with forklift trucks, container trucks we always strive with the desire to provide customers with satisfaction and trust.

We offer an extensive range of forklift truck service maintenance options, all of which are designed to meet specific requirements.

With a wide variety of solutions available, customer can choose with confidence the best combination of services and price to suit a business need, safety standard that a Samco Vina service engineer is dedicated to maximizing the uptime of a truck.

Regular forklift truck inspections planned and conducted by specialist technicians, in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule.

Inspection list includes an oil change, lubrication, checks and adjustments, for a pre-agreed price.

The inspection report lists the maintenance operations.

We draws up a parts and labor quotation for any extra work that is recommended in order to optimize the availability of truck and minimize the risk of damage and major repairs.

We agrees with a customer on a “technical” monthly fee, for a period, typically between 36 to 60 months, which covers parts, labor and the services of a technician.

The agreement covers all maintenance and repair work. Daily checks and damage repairs following a handling incident or an accident are excluded.

 Advantages include:

Planning and control of all expenditures

No surprise invoices

Improved cash flow

Optimum use of the truck

Reduced operating costs

Higher resale value for the truck.

Very pleased to serve you

Samcovina Joint Stock Company

Address: Ba Cua Bridge, East Ring Road, Phu Huu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM (near Cat Lai crossroads)

Phone: 08 6654 6660 – 0932 923 587



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          Vui lòng gửi cho bên mình mã xe, thông số xe, cùng hình ảnh và địa chỉ cty bạn, bộ phận kỹ thuật Samcovina se liên lạc lịa với bạn
          Thân mến!

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