Advantages and disadvantages of electric forklifts

When it comes to electric forklifts, many people often think of them. How can such a large forklift truck, carrying loads of loads up to a ton… be able to run on electricity? In fact, an electric forklift can have even more outstanding advantages. Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of each car line, each manufacturer. Users often choose electric forklifts for the following advantages.


About emissions


Unlike other fuel-powered vehicles, electric forklifts are completely emission-free. This is a big benefit if you plan to use the vehicle in storage. Although forklifts using other fuels can still be operated in a warehouse, the area being handled must have good ventilation. Therefore, vehicles using fuel such as oil or gas are rarely used in the warehouse. This is also a great advantage that users often choose, especially when using the car in cold storage, storage, bookstore, supermarket.


Almost not generated during operation, but also a little during battery charging, battery replacement needs to be handled in accordance with regulations.



These electric forklifts use much cheaper fuel than other types. In addition, there is no need to store fuel like other fuel-powered forklifts, so it will also save warehouse space for fuel storage. In addition to cheaper running costs. Electric fuel is safer than gasoline and oil. Cleaner electric fuel


Long refueling time (takes about 6 to 8 hours), After about 3-5 years to replace the battery, the price is also relatively high



Operating life is also an outstanding advantage of electric forklifts. Because there are fewer operating mechanical parts than other vehicles, the life of electric vehicles will be longer. In addition, due to being used and operated in a cleaner environment, the service life of electric forklifts is also longer.


When operating the vehicle in a humid, dusty, chemical environment continuously, it is not good for the vehicle’s control circuits



Maintenance for electric forklifts is also a big advantage. As mentioned above, because there are few operating mechanical details, the maintenance of electric forklifts does not require as often as diesel vehicles. Gas-powered vehicles also require regular maintenance.


Pay attention to regularly monitor the battery part



The big advantage of electric vehicles is the low noise level. For quiet working environments such as warehouses, storage areas, vehicle workplaces near production sites, and closed houses, noise reduction is very important. This is also a great advantage of electric forklifts.


Create warning signs, horn systems when the vehicle is operating in an area with frequent traffic


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