The principle of hydraulic system of forklift truck

Forklift hydraulic system

1. Principle of forklift hydraulic system.

The hydraulic system of the forklift is an important part of the forklift. The working equipment accessories and the steering system of the forklift are all driven by the hydraulic system. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of the forklift hydraulic system directly affect the forklift’s ability to operate. The simplest forklift hydraulic system usually consists of a power supply, gear pump, high pressure oil pipe, multi-way valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder, steering hydraulic cylinder and other forklift control valves. The working principle is the forklift engine, which drives the hydraulic gear pump to continuously generate high-pressure oil. Forklift hydraulic oil is sucked from the oil tank and enters the multi-way valve through the oil pipeline according to different working conditions, the operating handle (controlling the multi-way valve) can be flipped. Controls lifting, landing, fork forward and backward tilt, and steering wheel deflection.


2. Structure of forklift hydraulic system

– Forklift hydraulic system structure and function: A complete forklift hydraulic system consists of five forklift parts including power component, operating component, control component, auxiliary equipment support and means of work.

– Hydraulic power steering unit, the power steering unit provides high pressure hydraulic oil to the mechanical hydraulic system. For example, forklifts often use a forklift gear pump as a hydraulic booster, which converts the mechanical energy of the forklift engine into hydraulic energy to power the hydraulic system.

– Hydraulic actuator. Provides hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders that perform actions for walking, steering and mechanical working devices. These hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders convert hydraulic energy supplied by the hydraulic pump into mechanical energy. Such as lifting and tilting hydraulic cylinders used on forklifts and hydraulic steering cylinders. Driving hydraulic motor for forklift truck and hydraulic motor driving hydraulic forklift truck, etc.

– Hydraulic control components. To ensure the correct and safe function of the hydraulic system. Various valves are located in the fittings of the hydraulic system. The function of these hydraulic valves is to regulate the working pressure. Flow rate and flow direction of hydraulic system accessories to meet the working requirements of working equipment accessories. Such as diverter valve, reducer valve, multi-way valve … used on forklifts.

– Hydraulic auxiliary devices: Devices that provide auxiliary functions for the working of hydraulic systems such as forklift oil pipes, filters, seals, coolers, hydraulic lines… Role of these auxiliary equipment is responsible for storing, filtering, and cleaning the forklift hydraulic oil. Auxiliary devices for transmission, sealing and cooling. It is not unimportant, without the auxiliary equipment, the hydraulic system of the forklift truck will not work properly.

– The working medium is hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic system of the forklift truck, which has the function of transferring pressure energy, dissipating heat and lubricating.


3. Safety technical requirements for forklift hydraulic system accessories

Forklift hydraulic system accessories occupy an important place in forklift usage. The working equipment parts of the forklift mainly rely on hydraulic lifting and lowering systems

The working condition of the forklift hydraulic system will directly affect the working condition of the forklift. Once parts of the hydraulic transmission system of a forklift fail, it will inevitably bring direct unsafe consequences to the forklift’s operation. Therefore, maintaining the forklift’s hydraulic system in accordance with safety specifications is not important for safe operation and driving.


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