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thue-xe-nang-binh-duong Forklift rental service in electric, diesel, gas cheap

Forklift rental at electricity, diesel, gas cheap price The use of forklifts brings many benefits to businesses. Therefore, more and more people choose the forklift rental service of Samcovina Company, why is that? Is renting a forklift better than buying a forklift? Buying a good forklift is a business, it costs a lot of money, […]

xe-nang-moi Important notes when using a new forklift

Important Notes When Using Forklifts One, check the overall forklift when operating – Before the forklift is operated, check its appearance and add fuel, lubricating oil and coolant. – Check the total of starter, main engine and brake. – Check that all lights, signal lights, horn system are full and working properly or not. – […]

xe nang coc Where is the cheapest place to rent a forklift?

Where to rent a forklift with cheap prestige? Your business is expanding its production and business scale, so you need to find or rent a forklift to increase productivity and create work efficiency, but you are wondering where to buy or rent to save costs and quality. and efficient operation with long service life. Samcovina […]

xe-nang-hang-cho-thue Forklift rental service in Binh Duong

Forklift rental service Forklift leasing is the most flexible and cost-effective way to ensure every operation in your warehouse or factory is fully equipped with forklifts to handle large volumes of goods. materials need to be lifted and unloaded within a certain time (depending on rental period) without loss of productivity during peak months. On […]

xe-cho-thue What information do forklift hirers need to know?

What information do you need to know when renting a forklift? When buying or renting a forklift, knowing how to choose the right forklift for the job requires you to have in-depth knowledge if you want to find the most efficient forklift for the job you need while also saving money. most cost effective. In […]

hyudai Hyundai forklift for sale and rental

Forklift Hyundai Hyundai is a famous Korean forklift brand that is not only famous and won the trust of most users for its long life but also famous for its good product quality, diverse models and extended warranty period. up to 3000 hours through authorized Hyundai dealers. This is one of the plus points that […]

mua-xe-nang-qua-ngan-hang Buying and selling forklifts with installment payments through a loan bank

Buy and sell forklifts with installment payments through the bank You want to buy a forklift through the bank? Not sure what this should include? The article below will help you understand the basics. Some information when buying a forklift through a bank in the form of installment payment Today, with the rapid development of […]

xe-nang-rut-cong Forklift rental, container loading and unloading trucks

Forklift rental and container loading and unloading service Container forklifts are one of the essential vehicles in the management and arrangement of goods in the warehouse. In order not to have to raise a large amount of money to buy a car, choosing a forklift truck rental service is the best option for businesses. And […]

an-toan-xe-nang Instructions on how to operate a forklift safely

Pay attention to safety and prevent accidents when operating forklifts Forklift is a device that handles internal handling tasks. Its working environment and working conditions are always in the process of changing at any time, the safety of forklift driving depends on the instantaneous action of the driver. The working environment of forklifts is often […]

bom-thuy-luc The principle of hydraulic system of forklift truck

Forklift hydraulic system 1. Principle of forklift hydraulic system. The hydraulic system of the forklift is an important part of the forklift. The working equipment accessories and the steering system of the forklift are all driven by the hydraulic system. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of the forklift hydraulic system directly affect the forklift’s ability […]

hu-xe-nang-diesel Errors that cause damage in Diesel forklifts and remedies

Common failures in Diesel forklifts and remedies Diesel forklifts have mechanical failures during operation, which can damage fundamental components and cause more serious problems for the vehicle, goods, and people. Usually before diesel forklifts have problems. Factors such as: speed, sound, exhaust gas, water temperature, oil pressure and other related problems of it will all […]

Quotations for electric, diesel, and gas forklifts

Price list of used forklifts with electric, diesel and gas engines Note: Due to frequent import and continuous sale and rental. Therefore, the following forklifts may not be available at the moment. Therefore, the price list is for reference only. To receive a specific quote for the forklifts in stock at the moment. Please feel […]

Things to pay attention to when working with forklift batteries

Things to pay attention to when working with forklift batteries In the previous post of samcovina.com, we have guided the design standards of a safe battery charging room/station for forklifts. Today, we suggest a few more safety tips when working with industrial batteries. Absolutely do not smoke, create sparks, open flames or solder near the […]

xe-nang-reachstacker Các bộ điều khiển của xe nâng Container Kalmar DRF450

Các bộ điều khiển của xe Reachstacker Kalmar DRF 450     Bộ điều khiển cabin KCU (D790-1) Bộ điều khiển màn hình hiển thị KID (D795) Bộ điều khiển tay-nút bấm điều khiển KIT (D790-2) Bộ điều khiển thân xe trước KDU-F (D797-F) Cũng là vị trí bộ điều khiển thân xe, lựa chọn […]

Forklift used for Cold storage

Electric forklift for cold storage In warehouses that store goods in large quantities, loading and unloading cannot completely depend on human strength, especially with warehouses using high-height pallets. For such warehouses, the use of a specialized lifting equipment is a very necessary solution. Capacitive forklifts in cold storage are the most suitable choice. So what’s […]

kho hang 5 things that warehouse service business owners should know

Warehousing service business should know If you have a warehouse and in that warehouse you have shelves, pallet racks and some specialized lifting equipment then you can enter the material handling / warehousing / storage services industry. store goods. These are people who carry out the business with a lot of experience specializing in handling […]

kiem tra xe nâng Why you need to check the shelves regularly

Why you need to check the shelves regularly Why check the shelves regularly? Regular inspection and repair of storage racks is one of the important factors in warehouse management. Warehouse managers and forklift operators can also contribute ideas in the management of warehouses, berths and yards. Warehouse managers, warehouse operations managers will lose function and […]

an toan voi xe nang Safety standards when working in the warehouse

Safety standards when working in warehouses need to be paid attention to In warehouses and ports, keeping workers and pedestrians safe is a very necessary job. Traffic safety for pedestrians Forklift operators must always be aware of their workplace, including pedestrian traffic (supervisors or workers working around the aisles). Where possible, it is necessary to […]

banh xe hay hong lop Causes of forklift wheel failure

The reasons why forklift wheels are easily damaged If you’ve never been able to monitor or care about the condition of your forklift wheels, now would be a good time to start monitoring and reviewing your forklift wheel condition more often. These are the top reasons why your forklift wheels don’t want to roll, or […]

nen thue hay mua xe nang Should I rent a forklift?

Should Business Owners Rent a Forklift? Many businesses are wondering whether to rent a forklift or buy it outright to own a forklift to serve the transportation, loading and unloading of goods in their warehouse. Each company has its own options, depending on the specific case. If your business uses forklifts a lot and the […]

loi ich xe nang Efficiently manage and operate forklifts

Benefits of a labor management system for forklifts What is a labor management system? In the current delivery environment, there are two main factors preventing you from achieving optimal levels of productivity and minimal costs: – Lack of visibility into the operation – Lack of important indicators to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the operation. […]

mua xe nang hang How much does it cost to own a forklift?

How much does it cost to buy a new forklift? Choosing the right forklift for the transportation, loading and unloading of goods in your warehouse is not an easy job. There are many different types of forklifts to choose from, and above all, each type of forklift has its advantages and disadvantages or is suitable […]

xe nang gas Learn about Gas or LPG powered forklifts

Gas or LPG forklifts Gas forklifts are the best performers and have indoor/outdoor versatility. LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) forklifts have long been popular due to their competitive prices and suitability for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, it is a popular choice because it is quite convenient for a work environment that revolves around like […]

xe nang may dau diesel Xe nâng máy dầu diesel

Xe nâng động cơ diesel Xe nâng động cơ diesel là loại xe nâng có chi phí hoạt động rẻ hơn nhiều so với những loại xe nâng khác. Xe nâng sử dụng động cơ diesel là lựa chọn lý tưởng cho các ứng dụng ở những nơi chủ yếu được sử dụng bên ngoài […]

so sanh xe nang Similarities and differences between forklifts

Similarities and differences between forklifts Many people in the transportation service industry, loading and unloading warehouses – ports ask Samcovina the question: What are the similarities and differences between forklifts? What is the main application of each type of forklift? Below we will detail a few types of forklift trucks along with their main applications […]

mua xe nang hang Should you buy a forklift online?

Should you buy a forklift online? With the explosion of information technology, more and more people tend to buy goods over the internet (online online). Forklifts are also an exception, the situation of buying and selling forklifts online is very popular. This is hardly surprising since there is an increasing tendency to buy everything online. […]

diem manh xe nang dien Advantages of electric forklifts

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric forklifts? Forklifts come in many varieties such as electric forklifts, diesel forklifts, gas or LPG forklifts. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses; So when you want to upgrade your forklift, you need to find out what type of forklift you own. To be sure you can […]

ung dung cua xe nang hang Specific applications of forklifts

Forklift specific applications Are you considering buying or renting a forklift? To help you navigate and make your decision whether to rent or buy a forklift, we provide some basic information that will help you understand the specific application of the forklift. Forklifts are designed to work in warehouse spaces with narrow aisles. The task […]

xe nang hang kho bai The importance of forklifts in warehouses

How important are forklifts in warehouses? If you asked anyone outside the material handling industry (the warehousing service industry) to describe a forklift, they would describe a classic forklift consisting of: four wheels, a large body behind a mast, a chair and seat that resembled a regular lawn mower. But these specialized forklifts can perform […]

lai xe nang Establish and implement a forklift driver training program

Forklift driver training program Any forklift driver understands the importance of forklift driver training programs and it is these training programs that are one of the essential elements for a successful forklift operation. labour. In particular, effective safety forklift driver training programs always keep training attention all year round. The program always improves operational efficiency […]

xe nang hang 01 5 ways to optimize forklift operations

Optimize forklift operation Forklifts are an important component of efficient loading and unloading operations, moving goods in warehouses and yards. Your business may have to spend a lot of time and money on transporting and unloading goods without a forklift or a fleet of specialized forklifts to lift and move goods from the warehouse. to […]

pallet-nhua Things you must know about Pallets

Things you must know about pallets Pallets play a very important role in loading, unloading, storing goods in warehouses and yards and it directly affects the efficiency of your service supply chain. Bad pallets in the warehouse seriously affect the quality of goods and can be dangerous when the sustainability of the goods stacked on […]

phu-tung-xe-nang-hang Guide to buying spare parts for forklifts

How to choose spare parts for forklifts? The life of the forklift is determined by how often you maintain and maintain the vehicle? Every forklift should be carefully maintained on a regular basis, which includes the replacement of any equipment or parts in the vehicle. Purchasing forklift parts and keeping up with the times or […]

xe nang reach stacker The power of Reach Stacker

The power of Reach Stacker Indeed, Forklifts are considered the kings of the warehouse when it comes to handling and arranging materials, goods or any large or small object in the warehouse. But literally, even kings cannot always have everything within their reach and can be limited in some way. Special cargo yards and ports […]

xe nang hang pho bien (2) The most popular types of forklifts today

The most popular types of forklifts today Choosing to buy a forklift for your business is not as simple as buying a gram of A4 paper but a challenging one. If you are a person in charge of choosing to buy a forklift, there are basic engine issues you should find out for yourself before […]

How to choose the best forklift

How to choose the best forklift To those who haven’t had any forklift training or haven’t worked much with it, all forklifts look the same. But there is a lot of difference when it comes to the intended use and the accessories. Moreover, not all forklifts meet the same needs, purposes, locations, etc. So, how […]

nap-ac-qui-cho-xe-nang Instructions for charging electric forklift batteries safely and correctly

Instructions for charging Safe and technically correct electric forklift batteries In the previous article of samcovina.com, we have guided the design standards of a safe battery charging room/station for electric forklifts and forklifts. Today, we suggest a few more safety tips when working with industrial batteries (batteries) for forklifts, electric forklifts Absolutely do not smoke, create […]

Choosing the right forklift tire for the application

Choosing the right forklift tire for the application There are three common types of tires available for forklifts and a few others that are not so common. For forklifts to work efficiently and safely, it is equally important to choose the right forklift tires to equip the forklift’s applications and operations in many cases, in […]

thay-acqui-xe-nang Things to note when changing batteries for electric forklifts

When replacing batteries for electric forklifts, pay attention to the following issues: Batteries are one of the most important parts of a forklift truck. The battery assumes the role of storing power, starting the engine, the light system, etc. when the engine is not in operation. More important than the battery that powers the starter, […]

tiet-kiem-nhien-lieu-cho-xe-nang Measures to save fuel for forklifts

The finished product price of any manufacturer, any product field is calculated from raw materials, labor costs, raw material costs for machinery and vehicles. In which the materials consumed for forklifts also belong to that cost chain. So how to operate the forklift to minimize it? With our experience, we would like to list ways […]

chon-mua-xe-nang-cu Forklift forklift, reach truck, pallet truck

When using a Forklift, reach truck, and pallet truck, both electric forklifts and diesel forklifts, especially because the area around a lot of goods, items, and obstacles, the operator of the vehicle. must pay close attention to observe and anticipate possible situations to minimize accidents for people, vehicles and goods. We share these video clips […]

xe-nang-kalmar Safety notes for forklift users

Safety for forklift users Electric forklifts, forklifts with internal combustion engines (forklifts), container reachstackers are collectively known as motorized forklifts. While motorized forklifts are often used to move in the internal area, forklift operators without training and basic training will be very dangerous to people, vehicles and goods. We would like to point out general […]