Sell used electric Forklift forklift

Sell ​​used electric forklifts

Samcovina Company imports and supplies forklifts such as reach truck, electric pallet truck, diesel forklift. We currently have 2 product lines that are 100% new diesel forklifts, old electric forklifts, old diesel forklifts of brands: Linde, Toyota, TCM, Mitsubishi…, all new models and vehicles. Used are all well-maintained, fast and cheap buying service. We currently have the following vehicles: 2.5 ton electric forklift, 3 ton electric forklift, 4 ton electric forklift, 2 ton diesel forklift, 2.5 ton diesel forklift, 3 ton diesel forklift, 3.5 ton forklift, 4 ton diesel forklift, 5 ton diesel forklift…

Samcovina has now imported the above vehicles and is being stored at the parking lot in District 9 (near Cat Lai junction), if you have a need, please contact us for advice and to see the car in person.



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  1. Chào bạn!
    Xe Forklif của công ty giao cho chúng tôi hoạt động ổn, nhưng có vẻ hơi hao nhiên liệu, vậy nhờ bên cty cho kỹ thuật qua kiểm tra giúp chúng tôi nhé.

    Cty TNHH Thái Bảo
    Thái Bảo

    • Vâng, chúng tôi đã cử nhân viên kỹ thuật qua xem tình hình cụ thể tại cty anh.
      Chúng tôi sẽ liên lạc với anh qua số trên hợp đồng nhé?

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Recommendation: A popular choice among small and medium-sized warehouses and manufacturing facilities; suitable for various heavy goods weighing between 1-2 tons such as paper rolls, fabrics, food items… 2.5-ton Forklift Advantages: Superior load capacity compared to lower models; can lift heavy loads. Disadvantages: Requires larger operating space. Recommendation: Ideal choice for large-scale warehouses or manufacturing facilities requiring transportation of heavy goods such as crates or construction materials weighing between 2 – 2.5 tons; especially suitable near coastal areas or ports due to its strong load-bearing capabilities. 3-ton Forklift Advantages: High load capacity; efficient transportation of heavy items. Disadvantages: High cost; difficult maneuverability in small spaces. Based on an analysis of factors influencing choice and comparing advantages/disadvantages among different segments mentioned above: If mainly transporting light goods under 1 ton weight in limited operating spaces – opt for a 1.5-ton model but consider future business expansion plans before making a decision. For shops or small-medium manufacturing facilities needing transportation within a range from light (under) up-to medium-heavy (around) two tonnes – go with a two-ton model which offers cost savings while meeting requirements effectively. For large factories or warehouses frequently moving heavy items like steel beams or cement bags weighing between two-three tonnes – choose a two-and-a-half ton model ensuring productivity & safety standards are met efficiently. In cases where handling super-heavy materials over two-and-a-half tonnes becomes necessary – invest in three-ton models after careful consideration due to their higher load-bearing capabilities. Additionally recommended selecting models with slightly higher loading capacities (10-20%) than anticipated maximum loads prevent overloading ensuring safety measures are maintained properly while considering financial capabilities when making investment decisions possibly opting rental services if regular usage isn’t required saving costs effectively. Moreover once selecting an appropriate model ensure following correct operational procedures maintenance schedules recommended by manufacturers prolonging equipment lifespan significantly catering special transportation needs considering specialized models optimizing operations efficiently.

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