Why you need to check the shelves regularly

Why you need to check the shelves regularly

Why check the shelves regularly?
Regular inspection and repair of storage racks is one of the important factors in warehouse management. Warehouse managers and forklift operators can also contribute ideas in the management of warehouses, berths and yards. Warehouse managers, warehouse operations managers will lose function and credibility if they do not regularly check and repair damaged shelves in their warehouse.


On the other hand, you may be liable if you:

– Do not perform regular shelf checks

– No annual routine inspection by a suitably qualified person or repair of any damaged components in stock.

– At the same time professionals have to check shelves/shelf or other parts of the warehouse by suitably qualified persons specializing in shelves/pallets. To be sure and absolutely safe, you should contact a well-trained technical team from warehouse service companies who can help you with annual inspection and receive technical support in the future. other short-term test lanes.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the need for a pallet racking inspection:

Do I need to inspect the rack/storage every year?

– Periodic inspection of racks / pallets every year is essential in warehouse operations. Tests storage equipment maintenance and applications, and provides instructions for inspecting racking structures to detect failures in a timely manner. Technicians must also conduct inspections at intervals not exceeding 12 months. A written report must be submitted with individual responsibility for the safety of the warehouse, yard and storage equipment with observations, recommendations on any action that becomes necessary.

Do managers need to check their shelves?

– Yes, the person responsible for the safety of the storage device must ensure that testing is conducted at weekly or other periodic intervals based on a risk assessment.

Are formal and informal inspections the same?

– No, it is perfectly fine for your team to perform your weekly vision check, but we recommend that this be conducted by someone with appropriate training.

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