Where can I learn to drive a reachstacker?

Learning to drive a forklift to take a container, lifting equipment?

Today, when the economy is growing, learning to drive a container truck will open up a lot more job opportunities. However, there are some people who still wonder if there are any reputable and professional places to teach container forklifts and lifting equipment? Understanding this, Samcovina will help you learn about this article through the following article.

General information about container forklifts

Container forklift, forklift is one of the vehicles used to lift containers up or down. This type of vehicle is composed quite complicatedly with many parts as follows:

Forklift is a product commonly used to lift goods

Car control cabin: This is where the driver will sit and let the steering wheel go down or up.
Steering lever: This is the part used to control the boom of the forklift actively up or down.
Active bridge is a part used to transport containers up and down.
Diesel engine: As the part that helps to transmit energy for the forklift to operate, this system uses the main raw material of diesel oil to generate operating energy.
Automatic transmission box: This is the part used to control the forklift, this system will help change the hydraulic coefficients with the gear coefficients so that they match and do not change.
The lifting frame is the part that holds the container while it is raised or lowered.
The demand for using lifting equipment, container forklift today

Before learning about the address for teaching container forklifts and lifting equipment, let’s find out about the need to use this type of vehicle. Nowadays, the economy is growing, the level of industrialization and modernization is increasing, so the demand for transportation has also become richer and more diverse. Meanwhile, goods with large weight that need to be lifted daily are also a lot. Therefore, the container forklift becomes a very effective support tool for businesses.

When having container forklifts, lifting equipment businesses save a lot of costs for hiring workers to transport. Especially helping to save more shipping time. Thereby increasing the efficiency of business operations to help businesses get more profits. In addition, vehicle investment costs are not too high, with little damage, so they become products that businesses aim for.

The demand for using container forklifts and lifting equipment is increasing

It is for these reasons that container forklifts and lifting equipment appear more and more and the demand for use is increasing. If you have a need to buy a car or rent a forklift, contact Samcovina for more in-depth advice and support.

Necessary documents and tuition fees for a license to drive a container forklift, lifting equipment

After learning about the current demand for container forklifts, to be able to register for a container forklift driving school, you need to prepare all the documents and tuition fees as follows:

Application file for learning to drive a container forklift, lifting equipment

To learn the certificate of driving container forklift, lifting equipment, trainees need to ensure all the following documents:

ID/CCCD/Passport (face with information and valid): 02 copies.
3×4 photo (taken within the last 6 months): 02 photos.
Curriculum Vitae: 01 copy
Vocational training registration form (This form where you register for driving lessons will be given out free of charge when you come to register for a course and will receive specific instructions on how to write it).
Students must ensure that they are over 18 years old, have sufficient educational qualifications and have stable health as verified by a Health Certificate issued by a competent medical center.
How much does it cost to learn and test for a driver’s license for container forklifts and lifting equipment?

At Samcovina, we do not conduct mass styling like driving schools and centers (where students have to study in large numbers, practice cars are limited in time and type) so skills cannot say is hard and job opportunities are also harder.

If students study at Samcovina, they will practice with a lot of time and on many types of lifting equipment in actual working conditions, so the tuition fee will be slightly higher and the job opportunity will be almost 100%.
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Gửi phản hồi
Bảng điều khiển bên

Teaching time and container forklift driving program

Similar to the driving test of other classes, teaching container forklifts and lifting equipment will also have a very specific time and curriculum.

Forklift driving lesson time

Forklift driving lessons are now divided into several categories. If you are an individual, usually the study time will be about 10 days (students can register for classes on Saturdays or weekly employers upon request). If it’s a business, the center and the students will spend a lot of time for the convenience of both parties.

Learning to drive a forklift is similar to learning a driver’s license for other classes

The duration of the forklift training program

No different from the exam to get a driver’s license of other classes, the container forklift driving training program is also divided into two main parts: theory and practice.

Theoretical part of forklift driving certificate
Learn about the job of driving a container forklift.
Learn briefly about the engine principle of the container forklift.
Learn about container forklift parts.
Structure, function and classification of forklift machines.
Learn about forklift safety principles.
Test the theory learned.
Driving practice part
Learn basic forklift driving techniques.
Learn the technique of using the fork.
Learn lifting techniques.
Instruct students to inspect and maintain forklifts.
Practice test.
What you get after training

After completing the training course to drive a container forklift, you will receive a lot of useful things for later life. Specifically:

Get easy-to-understand forklift driving tips.
Master the techniques of lifting goods from basic to advanced.
Learn safety skills when operating and operating a forklift.
Have the opportunity to search for jobs faster and easier.
Having the opportunity to own a high salary helps to stabilize life.


Which address teaches reputable and professional container forklift driving lessons?

Currently, registering for a forklift driving school is very easy, however, choosing a reputable container forklift driving school is not easy. A lot of questions are raised about where to train professional and cheap forklift drivers…? But to be able to learn to drive a forklift, you should choose an address that ensures the following conditions:

Choose a reputable and professional address to learn to drive a forklift safely

Having a working room, having a specific training address and having to train according to the prescribed program.
The tuition fee and learning time are clear, ensuring that there is no arising in the process of learning and taking the container forklift driving certification exam.
Lecturers must be experienced people, in addition to the knowledge of the lecture, they need to have more knowledge about practical work.
Trained many courses with students who guarantee graduation and get high certificates.
There are textbooks and means of learning to drive a forklift suitable for the certification exam.


With the advantage of available warehouse and a lot of Container forklifts are working. We are ready to impart to our students practical skills and knowledge in parallel with theoretical knowledge. Therefore, we guarantee that students will graduate with solid knowledge and best skills.

Besides, we have a great demand for recruiting drivers of container forklifts, forklift drivers and other lifting equipment. Therefore, the job opportunities for students are very high.

Regarding the granting of degrees and certificates, we will associate with units with legal authority to ensure the interests of students.


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