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There are many different types of forklifts and each type of forklift has different functions, capacities, advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of the problems that are particularly common with each type of forklift:

Hand pallet truck

Hand pallet truck is a forklift with compact size, simple design and without any motor, but mainly uses manual force to lift, lower as well as move pallets of goods and products. Hand pallet trucks have wheels located under each fork.

Advantages: compact design, flexible operation, little space, low cost, no fuel cost to operate, noiseless and suitable for transporting goods in supermarkets, small warehouses .

Cons: Because the main force is the hand and the traction from the wheels, it is difficult to transport in places with rough ground and many small obstacles. Do not lift or move many goods at the same time.

Electric hand pallet truck

The electric hand pallet truck is powered by a battery powered electric motor, it moves and lifts by electricity rather than by hand. They are designed similarly to hand pallet trucks but have a larger lifting height, fork size, and width to handle and move pallets faster. The main difference between an electric hand pallet truck and a hand pallet truck is the standing position of the operator and the length of the fork.

Advantages: Compact design, low cost, flexible operation, little space, no noise and no emissions and less pumping force like a hand pallet truck.

Cons: cannot be used to lift pallets in large quantities, do not operate for a long time continuously because it needs time to rest for the pump to charge the battery.

Electric Forklift

Electric forklifts come in many different types, brands, and models. They are basically a pallet truck with a lift shaft, an electric forklift that uses fuel from the battery/battery and a large, heavy engine compartment to balance the load. These electric forklifts can lift pallets up to 6 meters in height.

Counterbalance forklift

Counterbalance forklifts come in a wide range of brands, shapes, and sizes. Counterbalance forklifts use gas, diesel or electric fuel and are used both indoors and outdoors and can also be used in heavy duty capacity. Counterbalance forklifts can be a one-size-fits-all solution for all basic material handling operations. Counterbalance forklift gets its name from its design and specification. Counterbalance forklifts are balance forklifts that come with a balance weight, usually a large cast-iron mass in the back. Forklift balance is achieved by this weight during cargo handling.

Rough terrain forklifts

Also known as straight column forklifts, rough terrain forklifts are specifically designed for outdoor jobs, especially on uneven, rough surfaces. Forklifts of this type have flexible, sturdy pneumatic tires that help them navigate over rocky ground. Special large-sized tires have grooves and spikes to help them balance and grip more stably to transport, move, and lift goods safely. If you do most of your work indoors it’s unlikely you’ll need a forklift, but rough terrain forklifts are a must for outdoor applications and construction sites.

Another big advantage of rough terrain forklifts is that they can lift large models – most models have a 2-ton and 3.5-ton capacity.

Industrial Forklift

Industrial forklifts are collectively referred to as large capacity forklifts. Industrial forklifts are capable of lifting heavier, heavier loads than a forklift used in a warehouse. Industrial forklifts start with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 13 tons. However, you only need a forklift with such a large lifting capacity for specialized jobs (lifting containers). The utility of industrial forklifts is narrower in scope than pallet trucks and warehouse forklifts.

Electric 3-wheel forklift

3-wheel forklifts have a smaller turning radius than 4-wheel forklifts. This is a great option if you have limited space in your inventory and need to navigate small areas. A 3-wheel electric forklift has a balance that allows for easier handling. It has a different balance feature, but may vary the maximum load on some devices. The 3-wheel electric forklift is ideal for applications that require the use of goods on shelves and in warehouses. Tight maneuverability allows 3-wheel forklifts to increase productivity with a combination of balance and flexibility.

The 3-wheel electric forklift configuration has a dual-drive wheel mounted centrally below the counterweight. A 3-wheel forklift is used for a lighter load application as they are generally unable to lift loads over 2.5 tons. The main advantage of 3-wheel electric forklifts is that they have a smaller turning radius than conventional 4-wheel electric forklifts.

4 wheel electric forklift

The 4-wheel electric forklift has a single steering wheel at the rear of each corner with a dual-acting hydraulic regulator. Welding forklift


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