Kalmar-DRF-DC4160 Container forklift for rent in Ho Chi Minh City

Samcovina Joint Stock Company specializes in selling and leasing container forklifts, empty container forklifts. Forklift rental short-term, long-term and always check the vehicle weekly, monthly. Quick procedure, with attentive technical service, cheap price.      

Super excavator driving

The creativity and recklessness of this driver is too cool Congratulations on a great performance, hopefully next time you will show us your ability to drive a forklift or some kind of specialized vehicle.

chon-mua-xe-nang-cu Forklift forklift, reach truck, pallet truck

When using a Forklift, reach truck, and pallet truck, both electric forklifts and diesel forklifts, especially because the area around a lot of goods, items, and obstacles, the operator of the vehicle. must pay close attention to observe and anticipate possible situations to minimize accidents for people, vehicles and goods. We share these video clips […]

reach-truck-linde-r16S Linde electric forklift

Linde electric forklift 1400 Kg – Reach truck Linde – Linde warehouse forklift is a famous and popular product line of Linde company because it is compactly designed, has the ability to move flexibly, and has a load capacity of 1. ,4 tons, 1.7 tons, 2 tons of forks allow to stack and unfold with […]

an-toan-khi-lai-xe-nang Accidents when using the forklift incorrectly

We share a video of some unexpected accidents when using a forklift. As with any profession, in the process of labor production, life and health are always a top concern. If in the process of working (here we want to refer to forklift drivers, workers working in forklift operating areas) we are careless, negligent, joking… […]

xe-nang-rong Kalmar Empty Container Forklift

Empty container reachtruck is a line of container forklifts designed with a normal capacity of 10 tons to match the normal load of empty containers (about 2 tons). Therefore, the structure is more compact, the ability to move, lifting and lowering is more flexible, using the main engine with a smaller capacity => more fuel […]

lai-xe-nang-container Driving a Kalmar Container Forklift

Kalmar Container Forklift has now become a famous brand in the world, in Vietnam market the most commonly used models at ports are: DRF450 container forklift, DRF100 empty forklift… Currently, Samcovina has imported some of the above vehicles and is in storage at the bus station in District 9, we sell or rent it at […]

Kalmar-DRD100-52S60 Kalmar container shooting driver’s guide

Driving instruction video of Kalmar DRF450 container, this is a container forklift with a load of up to 45 tons, allowing 5 floors of containers, with 3 rows of containers. học lái xe nâng container ở đâu | Xe nâng container Kalmar

xe-nang-reacch-truck-r14 Using reach trucks

The reach truck is a specialized forklift used to load and unload goods onto the shelf, the reach truck is designed with a lifting frame that can be stretched and folded, so the platform can be raised up to 10m, the vehicle is designed Compact, capable of moving in tight places, the ability to move […]

xe-nang-pallet-truck Using the Linde T20 SP pallet truck

Linde pallet truck  T20-SP series is made in Germany, this is a small electric forklift, vertical control, low lifting range from 20 – 800mm, very flexible control, allowing to maneuver at narrow angles, allowing to lift loads up to 2 tons. The battery system allows for more than 10 hours of continuous operation, the hand […]