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The control unit is an essential component in every forklift. Each type of control unit serves different functions, tailored to various components and types of forklifts. Let’s explore the different types of control units with Samco Vina in the article below.

  1. Overview of Forklift Control Units The forklift control unit is a product within the forklift control system. It is a rectangular box with a circuit board inside, pre-programmed for the forklift’s operations. A forklift typically has multiple control units, each responsible for controlling various electronic functions such as starting, steering, reversing, stopping, lifting, lowering, speed control, hydraulic functions, and more.hop-dieu-khien
  2. Types of Control Units Control units play a crucial role in managing the operations of forklifts. For both general forklifts and Kalmar forklifts in particular, different components require specific control units. Here are the types of control units found in a Kalmar forklift for your reference:
    • Kalmar Cabin Unit (KCU) control unit is located beneath the driver’s seat in the cabin. This control unit receives information about the forklift’s status and data from the handheld control unit, processes it, and transmits it to other control units.
    • In the cabin area, you’ll also find control units like the KID display control, KIT handheld control, and buttons.
    • Kalmar Distributed Unit (KDU) control units are placed near the forklift’s chassis cover. There are KDU control units for the right and left chassis legs.
    • The front chassis control unit (KDU F) is located near the front wheels of the forklift. The KDU F control unit comes in two common variants: M and K, suitable for different forklift types. It receives information from sensors and transmits it to various valve coils and relays.
    • The rear chassis control unit (KDU R) is situated near the rear wheels of the forklift.
    • Transmission Control Unit (TCU) and Diesel Engine Control (EDC) unit are installed at the rear of the forklift, beneath the cabin.bo-dieu-khien-drf400-450
  3. Samco Vina: Supply, Repair, and Replacement of Forklift Control Units 3.1. Samco Vina Offers a Variety of Control Units The market offers numerous suppliers and product lines, making it challenging to decide where to purchase a control unit. If you’re unsure about where to buy a forklift control unit, contact Samco Vina. Samco Vina directly imports various forklift control units to meet the diverse needs of the market. Moreover, we have a technical team available to assist with the installation of these components upon customer request.

3.2. Samco Vina Provides Repair and Replacement Services for Control Units In addition to supplying new control units, Samco Vina offers repair and replacement services for various control units. Recently, we successfully repaired a malfunctioning MDL control unit (automatically lowering the lifting mast upon engine startup).

This article provides information about some types of Kalmar forklift control units. If you are interested in our products, please contact us at hotline 0931 431 599 for assistance.”

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