The bridge leading the forklift to the Container

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Forklift bridge

Forklift ramps are mechanical devices that allow forklifts to move with and without load to different heights (usually less than 2m).

Outstanding features of the air lift fork lift:

– High flexibility, allowing easy installation and movement to different locations (with mounting parts and supporting wheels).

– Change height flexibly. With sliding and articulating structure, it is easy to increase and decrease the height of the forklift bridge without much effort.

– Many designs and loads: With many designs such as: monolithic, 2-segment, 3-section, it helps to increase and decrease the slope of the bridge flexibly. The transport of each block is also the purpose of this division. Besides, the Container Lift is also manufactured with many different loads, thereby optimizing selection and minimizing investment costs.

– Materials made of steel with different alloy composition, suitable for each different design.

– Fabricated according to the standard sizes available or you can ask us to manufacture in a separate size.

– You can order coating, paint Logo in accordance with the brand identity of your business.

We have many years of experience in the production and installation of forklifts and other loading and unloading equipment, so customers are completely assured when interested in and using our products. .





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