Containers spreader

Containers Spreader

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Crane (frame capture) semi-automatic container is a design to lift the cargo container 20 feets and 40 feets at the seaport or on the ship.

Hook locks are operated by lifting or lowering the cable from shore cranes, without the need for a hydraulic system or electrical system to oprate.

Prequency: Loaded 20′ and 40′ ISO Containers
Light weight Spreader (Industry Standard)
20′ Spreader – 3,000 lbs.
40′ Spreader – 5,000 lbs.
Heavy Duty Spreader
20′ Spreader – 6,800 lbs.
40′ Spreader – 9,100 lbs.

With the semi-automatic-container-frame produced by Samco Vina, the company will save cable workers, minimize labor accidents, increase time to transport cargo at ports and ships.

Containers Spreader also called a spreader is a rectangular container frame, taken to the container, the cable is hooked to the four corners of the frame to lift the container (can use shore crane, or crane), the purpose of the frame is to keep the contorted, twisted, damaged container. Preferred to customers because it can be mounted on shore cranes and on boats for loading and unloading container on container trucks in the port quickly without the need for sub workers.

Ngáng chụp container
Container preader 40 tons
Khung chụp container
The front of the container 40 tons
khung chụp container
Containers Spreader 20 tons
Containers spreader
Try loading the container

Our company’s containers are trusted and trusted by our customers for their convenience in loading and unloading at the port and testing and loading at the port. Container easier and faster.




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