Container reachstacker Used KALMAR 45 ton

Guarantee: 6 tháng

Used KALMAR 45 ton container reachstacker imported from Europe.

KALMAR reachstacker is a famous motor vehicle brand originating from Sweden. This line of container stackers is suitable for container handling operations at small and medium sized ports. The ability to move containers quickly in a short time and stack multiple floors is very effective. The vehicle is equipped with an early warning control system, providing accurate diagnostic signals to detect machine failures, effectively reducing the possibility of machinery failure, and improving production and operation efficiency safe practice.


Some safety standards for Kalmar container trucks:

– Safety foot pedal.

– Good visibility and optimal lift angle.

– Automatic handbrake.

– Dual hydraulic motors on the shooting frame.

– Overload protection.

General Specifications:

Maximum lifting weight: 45000KG.

Condition: Used, over 85% quality.

Lifting height: 15000 mm.

Overall height: 4800 mm.

Engine: Diesel Volvo.

Cabin type: Closed cabin.

Maximum number of containers: 5 containers.

Front and rear tire size: 18.00 x 25.

Due to the appropriate design and inherent preeminent features, Kalmar forklifts are the best choice for loading and unloading containers at Vietnam’s seaports.

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If you have a need, please contact for advice and view the car at the parking lot.

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