Anti-roll feet

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What are anti-roll feet?

In the current transportation industry, container trucks are considered the best mode of transportation due to their high efficiency. This is the reason why the demand for container trucks is increasing day by day. In the process of transporting goods, the replacement of the tractor trailer will definitely need support devices to ensure the process goes quickly. Among them, one must watch out for anti-rolling feet. So what kind of device is this?

Anti-roll table is actually a device used when the trailer is out of container. When the trailer is anti-roll, it will support the available anti-roll components to prevent the container from tipping, tipping or tipping over. As a result, the process of replacing trailers and containers can be completed quickly, efficiently and safely. In addition, you can also learn more that the anti-roll platform will help create a balance to facilitate manipulating tasks: unloading, removing tires…

Because of the nature of the job, you often have to use container trucks to transport goods, so now you can see many models of corrugated iron roof tables in warehouses and factories. The anti-tilt platform has become an indispensable device in the current process of transporting goods


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