Questions and quick answers about common malfunctions of forklifts

Questions and quick answers about forklifts


Question 1: Why does the forklift not work? Causes and remedies? A: Due to electrical system faults, engine, hydraulics. Check and repair faulty systems.

Question 2: How to determine the cause when the forklift breaks down?
A: Check each system such as brakes, steering, lifting to detect faults.

Question 3: How to periodically maintain the forklift to prevent incidents? A: Perform all maintenance steps as recommended by the manufacturer.

Question 4: Common issues with forklift engines? How to fix? A: Oil leaks, dirty air filters. Requires regular maintenance and replacement of parts.

Question 5: Guide how to check and maintain the forklift’s hydraulic system? A: Check oil level, leakage. Change oil and filters periodically.

Question 6: What causes abnormal noise and how to fix it?
A: Due to faulty components. Inspect, adjust, replace noisy parts.

Question 7: Guide procedures to check and replace forklift wheels? A: Check wear and tear, cracks. Replace wheels when wear exceeds allowed threshold.

Question 8: How to handle when lifting goods does not reach desired height? A: Check lifting system, detect and repair faulty components.

Question 9: Guide how to check and maintain forklift brakes? A: Check brake wear and brake fluid leakage. Replace when necessary.

Question 10: Recognize signs of electrical system failure on forklifts? A: Motor does not work, circuit/fuse issues. Inspection and repair needed.


Question 11: Guide how to check, maintain, replace air filters? A: Check filter condition, replace periodically or when too dirty.

Question 12: Why is there oil leakage and how to handle it? A: Due to loose/damaged connections, gaskets. Tighten or replace new gaskets.

Question 13: How to handle steering wheel/pedals not working?
A: Check connections, or replace damaged control units.

Question 14: Guide how to maintain forklift steering system? A: Check oil level, tighten connections, refill or change steering oil.

Question 15: What precautions to prevent damage when using forklifts? A: Read instructions carefully, do not overload, maintain and inspect regularly.

Question 16: How to handle when lifting exceeds allowable weight capacity?
A: Do not exceed safe load capacity. Recheck load weight and lifting capacity.

Question 17: Recognize signs of brake system failure on forklifts? A: Braking underperformance, brake fluid leaks. Inspection and repair immediately needed.

Question 18: Why and how to maintain forklift drive system? A: To ensure normal operation. Check oil level, tighten loose bolts and change oil periodically.

Question 19: Identify and fix abnormal forklift operation? A: Due to damaged components. Inspect and replace engine parts, transmission, drive axles.

Question 20: Guide how to check and maintain battery/electric system on electric forklifts?
A: Check voltage, clean positive and negative terminals, fully charge battery, service electric motor.


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