Instructions on how to operate a forklift safely

Pay attention to safety and prevent accidents when operating forklifts

Forklift is a device that handles internal handling tasks. Its working environment and working conditions are always in the process of changing at any time, the safety of forklift driving depends on the instantaneous action of the driver. The working environment of forklifts is often more complex, sometimes in people and vehicles. In tight spaces and a lot of cluttered goods, it is easy to increase the risk of unsafety. Therefore, the safe operation of the forklift truck has special skill requirements for the driver, and the forklift truck must strictly implement the safety management system to avoid accidents.

Forklifts are one of the most commonly used handling vehicles. Forklift trucks play an important role in the daily operations of warehouses and factories. If not driven in accordance with operating regulations, they will seriously threaten safety, pose many potential risks, and even cause the death of drivers or other pedestrians. With the rapid development of the forklift industry, our forklifts are integrated with many safety features to reduce the risk of accidents for people and goods.


According to OSHA statistics from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, at least 85 people are killed in forklift accidents every year worldwide, and 34,900 people are seriously injured in vehicle accidents. forklifts and 61,800 people were slightly injured in forklift accidents. There are many main causes of forklift deaths, 42% of accidents are due to forklift tipping and death, and fatal accidents due to collisions between two vehicles account for 11%. Other causes account for 8%. Other causes accounted for 39%. The industry that causes the most forklift deaths is the manufacturing industry, which accounts for 42% of all fatal forklift accidents, which demonstrates the importance of safe forklift operation.

Safety is a basic condition for human existence and development, safety is a top important issue in business activities. The concept of accident prevention should go into every aspect of everyday work. As a special piece of equipment, forklift operators and operators must therefore undergo safety training and can only be driven by professionals who have a license to operate the forklift. Through the organization of safety training, the safety consciousness of vehicle drivers is enhanced. A safety training organization can alert them to pay attention to forklift movements. Due to improper forklift operation and the lack of safety awareness by the driver, safety accidents are not uncommon, causing casualties and heavy property damage to the company, even the manager. , operators must be responsible before the law. For businesses, safety is life, safety is a benefit, only standardized safety activities can put businesses more firmly on the path of green and healthy development.


There are many causes of forklift accidents. The general analysis covers the following scenarios: Enterprise not adequately training forklift operators, driving forklifts at excessive speed, overloading loads, lack of proper protective equipment, undocumented use, undocumented personnel. controls without using seat belts, etc.

All of this requires the company to train forklift operators to operate safely and to ensure that the driver fully understands the operating procedures. In addition, forklifts have a limited lifespan and need regular maintenance, keeping the working environment clean is also very important.

The following is a detailed list of the safe operation of forklift trucks

Preparations when starting forklift operation

When the forklift begins to load, the driver should first confirm that the load is stable and reliable.
When starting operation, it should be slow and steady.
Look around before starting to confirm that there are no obstacles to safe driving, then start off after honking the horn.

Things to pay attention to when driving a forklift:

When the forklift is running, the load must be at the lowest position that does not interfere with the driving, the mast must be tilted to the rear.
The height of the loaded cargo must not obscure the view of the vehicle operator.
The height from the lower end of the fork to the ground should be 300-400mm, and the mast should be tilted backwards.
Do not lift the fork too high when driving. Pay attention to the surrounding space when entering and leaving the construction site or when driving
After unloading, lower the fork to the normal driving position before steering.
When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, must signal the driver first. High-speed turns are prohibited. Note that sharp turns at high speed will cause the vehicle to lose its lateral stability and overturn.
It is forbidden to turn on a ramp, nor to drive on a ramp.
The safe driving speed into the forklift workshop area is 5 km / h, entering the workshop area must be low and safe.
When the forklift is lifting, the driver must not stand on the fork to hold the item and play the role of balance.
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