Important notes when using a new forklift

Important Notes When Using Forklifts
One, check the overall forklift when operating

– Before the forklift is operated, check its appearance and add fuel, lubricating oil and coolant.

– Check the total of starter, main engine and brake.

– Check that all lights, signal lights, horn system are full and working properly or not.

– Check if the pressure of the hydraulic components and the temperature are normal of the forklift.

– After the forklift is running, check the external leakage of all hydraulic connections for normal or not.

– In addition to checking the above contents, if it is an electric forklift, it should also be checked according to the relevant inspection contents of the electric forklift.

Two, start the operation

– Before running, look around and confirm that there are no obstacles preventing the safety of driving, then honk first before starting.

– For vehicles with air brakes, the brake gas pressure gauge must reach the specified value to start the engine.

– When the forklift starts to load, the driver needs to first confirm that the load is stable and reliable.

– Start running slowly, then speed up.

Three, the notes when driving a forklift

– When driving goods, the height between the bottom of the fork and the ground should be 300-400mm and the fork post should be tilted backwards.

– Do not lift the fork too high when driving. When driving in and out of the construction site, keep an eye out for obstacles in the sky. When the load is lifted, be aware that too high a load will increase the overall height of the forklift truck and affect the stability of the forklift.

– After unloading, should pay attention to lower the fork to the normal driving position before turning the steering wheel.

– When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, they must signal their horns and prohibit turning at high speed. Pay attention to sharp turns at high speed that will cause the vehicle to lose its lateral stability and overturn.

– For forklifts with internal combustion engines going downhill, never turn off the engine and slide.

– For non-special cases, do not brake suddenly while driving a loaded vehicle.

– When the load has an incline exceeding 7 degrees and the speed is higher than the first gear up and down, the brake system will not be used except in special cases.

– When the forklift is in operation, it must comply with the traffic regulations in the factory, must keep a certain safe distance from the vehicle in front.

– When the forklift is in motion, the load must be loaded at the lowest position that does not obstruct the driver’s view. The lifting post must be properly tilted back, except in the case of loading or unloading, and must not exceed the specified load. When transporting large objects, if the goods block the driver’s view, this time should be moved by reversing the forklift.

The forklift is driven by the rear wheel to steer, so you must always pay attention to the swaying behind the truck to avoid the sudden turn that often occurs when you first start driving.

– When the forklift is going downhill, the steering wheel must be reversed to prevent the goods from falling.

Four, the process of loading and unloading the forklift truck

– When the forklift uses a fork lift. Note that the distance between the two forks must be adjusted as necessary to balance the load of the two forks to avoid deflection. One side of the item should be close to the shelf and the fork weight should meet the load center curve requirements.

– The height of the load should not obscure the driver’s view.

– In the process of loading and unloading goods, the forklift must be braked.

– When the forklift approaches or moves goods, the speed must be slow and steady, be careful not to press the objects, wooden mats, … on the wheels to avoid rolling objects flying and injuring people.

– When picking up goods with a fork, the fork should be as deep as possible under the load, and the tip of the fork should not touch the cargo or other object. Minimal column inclination should be used to stabilize the load to prevent the load from sliding backwards. When lowering the load, the fork mast can be tilted forward a small amount to facilitate loading and retracting.

– It is forbidden to pick up goods at high speed and collide with hard objects with a fork.

– Personnel are prohibited from standing on the forks while operating the forklift.

– For forklift operations, personnel must not stand around the forks to avoid spilling goods and causing personal injury.

– Do not use forklifts to lift people participating in overhead activities, to avoid accidents from falling from a height.

– It is not allowed to use the brake to release the cargo by inertia force.

The above is the sharing of basic information for forklift users, hopefully useful for readers.

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