Instructions for charging electric forklift batteries safely and correctly

Instructions for charging Safe and technically correct electric forklift batteries

In the previous article of, we have guided the design standards of a safe battery charging room/station for electric forklifts and forklifts. Today, we suggest a few more safety tips when working with industrial batteries (batteries) for forklifts, electric forklifts

Absolutely do not smoke, create sparks, open flames or solder near the battery charger

This is clear, if there is any open flame or spark near a battery charging station that would be an easy fire hazard, possibly resulting in a large explosion.

Make sure the battery cover is open while charging

Battery charging will emit hydrogen gas during charging, opening the battery cover fully vented is necessary to disperse the gases otherwise it can compress at high concentrations and become a flammable site. Opening the battery cover will provide adequate ventilation.


  1. Keep valve cover (vent) during filling (charging)

    The valve covers all have vents that allow the gas to escape. If the valve cap is opened or removed, drops of acid and water will form on the top of the battery causing an electric shock, which will affect the battery frame. This can make it difficult to track forklift problems.

    Always turn off the charger before disconnecting the battery

    It is imperative that all chargers are turned off before you disconnect a battery as direct current can spark and become a source of ignition.

    Never remove the battery by pulling the cord, always hold the latch and remove the charging plug.

    Pulling the lead out of a battery unit will eventually damage the lead.

    Always allow charging to complete a charge cycle

    Disconnect a battery unit before a charge cycle is complete (full charge of one battery will continue to charge the next, avoiding undersized batteries). When using a standard charger – it can damage the battery performance, which in turn reduces the overall life of the battery. It is best to ask the seller to provide the correct charger for the type of forklift you are buying, not a universal charger for all types of batteries.

    Make sure the battery charging head is clean and dry at all charges

    It is imperative that the top of the battery is clean and dry at all charges, if it gets wet when connecting for charging it becomes a high electric shock hazard. The battery will also self-discharge due to voltage monitoring. This may result in a non-rechargeable (non-rechargeable) battery condition when returning to the extended shutdown phase. Having a clean charging point also ensures a proper charging connection and is maintained with correct battery charges.

    Never discharge a battery below 80% of its capacity

    When a discharged battery exceeds 80% of the battery’s life (life cycle) significantly, instead of a life span lasting at least 5 years (one-time change, 5 days/week operation), the battery Yours may only last 2 years. Moreover, discharging the battery beyond 80% also causes electrical problems with forklifts, trucks such as circuit overheating, blown fuses etc. In some cases, the charger will not recognize the battery when recharging. and you will have to repair the battery at a very expensive rate.


  1. Always allow adequate time to cool the electric forklift battery

    A suggested cooling should be observed as the battery charge temperature increases. It becomes a potential hazard if overheated; It also significantly reduces the life of the battery.

    Inspect battery, lead and plug damage, report any fault immediately

    A thorough inspection of all charging devices should be conducted prior to each charge to ensure a safe and chargeable charging cycle is completed. Damaged charging equipment can lead to errors during charging.

    Recharge only when the battery is fully charged

    During the time the electrolyte discharge is absorbed into the plates, this effect will be reversed while the battery is being charged. If the battery has been discharged at any stage other than fully charged you run the risk of the battery spilling acid on the next charge. The reason we charge batteries is to replace liquids that have evaporated during the charge cycle, not liquids that have been absorbed into the plates during discharge.

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